Thursday, October 04, 2007

My TKD cutie

This is little Miss Attitude waiting in the lobby of the Dojang where her big brothers practice Taekwondo. After picking them up the other day and listening to them talk about their new Poomsae, she piped up in the back seat, "I wish... I wish... I had a HOOOOOOM-say. I wish... I wish..."

Oh my Gosh, we just thought that was the cutest thing ever! She pronounced it ever so carefully. The 'I wish' thing is something she has been doing for a week or two, and she always says something really cute, usually that her brothers like or have. fyi, the poomsai is a memorized series of steps/moves that they have to perform for each belt.

Today I was telling my Spideyboy to take his Dobok down to the wash, and my Girly says to me, "I gonna get Doooobok, and go at Doooojang and do my HOOOOOM-say." Awww!!!! Man, she is so flippin' smart!

Now the only thing I have to worry about is affording tuition for 4 at the Dojang! Yikes!

oh, I apologize for this ( and the past few) horrifically boring/lame to everyone but me, post(s). I am so not feeling creative or even remotely intelligent right now. Not quite myself right now. Hope to have something witty to say in the near future. stay tuned? ;)


  1. She is truly a walking catalog! How cute??? I can't get past how cute!!!

  2. i'm pretty sure i'd like to have her outfit for myself...:)