Friday, October 12, 2007

Coffee talk

Well the sun may not be shining, but I let a little sun in my heart today.
This morning was hectic craziness. It was a complete madhouse around here. I made the mistake of talking to a girlfriend on the phone. My bestest ole mommy friend who now lives in Langley. We haven't talked in ages, barely at all since our shared week at the lake this summer. It is always so nice to catch up with her, we have pretty similar lives actually. They also have 4 kids in a similar age range-which is terribly unusual, they are about our age, homeschoolers, churchgoers. We have been so thankful for their friendship over the past 9 years.
Anyways. Apparently Mom on phone = kids burn down house while screaming at the top of their lungs.(figuratively people, figuratively) Just utter chaos. Poor dh sleeping upstairs!
After I was done on the phone I got everyone quieted down, school going, house tidied, children fed.
This aft my girlfriend came and got Juju for their playschool and I took my little diva girly out for coffee. She was a little mini-me, dressed in her jeans, blazer and boots, so CUTE! She picked the fanciest Italian cookie and hot chocolate, while I had my VB latte and we sat and chatted for a while. What a perfect afternoon. She was just so sweet, entertaining one and all with her chatter. It is so fun to take her out, she garners a lot of positive attention that I get to bask in as her mother. Of course there is the occasional tantrum, or fight with one of her brothers when I have to scoop her up and remove her from the situation, but I no longer cringe with embarrassment at these. After 4 kids, I am kinda immune to it.
She also made a little friend at the cafe and they practiced their baby talk. not so cute. well, it kinda is;)
So it was a pretty good day overall, and all poo was contained within' appropriate receptacles. Woohoo! so far.
Time to go pull the lasagna out of the oven, yummy!

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