Wednesday, October 03, 2007

hormones much?!#@!

Sorry if this post is tmi, but ugh. I used to hear women talking about pms and think, 'Oh, yeah, I know about that, feel a bit tired and out of sorts for a day or so, a bit crampy...' Yeah, I knew nothing. For at least the last year, I have been learning what p.m.s. is really like. Right now I can barely stand myself, never mind anyone else in my home. Just looking at anyone annoys me, and heaven forbid they touch me or speak to me or whine at me, or as my dh is fond of doing-push my buttons. Apparently my extreme bitchiness is of great amusement to him. Today he was really poking at me and I was in tears because I hated myself and how awful I felt towards him and how unable to cope I was.
He always knows the exact day I am going to menstruate, almost to the hour, that is how predictable the moods and physical symptoms have become. It always takes him pointing it out to me to realize why I feel so insanely out of sorts. I honestly feel like I am on the verge of losing my mind, that I have no coping skills for the day to day that is my life.
I could drop off to sleep at any second during the day, but at night I get a bit of insomnia. I am uncomfortable in my own skin, and often get blinding headaches, and even cold sore outbreaks.
I need to be able to cope better, I have four kids at home everyday that need their mother to be calm and reasonable and take care of them. Not be on the verge of a crying, screaming fit at any second. I often have to give them something to do and disappear into my room for a while or take a long shower, because I would hate to blow up at them for something small simply because I feel out of sorts.
How do other people cope with this? It is not something I really feel comfortable talking about very often, so I would love to have some insight from some of you. Some practical advice. I think the first thing I am gonna do is make an appointment to see my Doctor, I am sure she will have something to say on the subject. Oh and remember to take my calcium, that is supposed to help.
I think I shall go take some right now. and take a nap.

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  1. Hey Kristen - I think what your dh is doing is really the best way to handle it. Yeah, I know I'm grumpy, you know I'm grumpy - we can fight or we can laugh about it.