Thursday, October 11, 2007

Warning, this post contains graphic grossness.

What can you say about a day where the highlights had to do with poo.
I woke up with the blahs again and I have to admit I didn't have high expectations. But our school day turned out much better than anticipated. I managed to mark math and the boys finished all I had for them by lunch-pretty good considering we didn't really start our day til 10.
Poor dh didn't get to sleep past lunch, he must be wiped by now. He had to go to the laundromat to wash his coveralls for work, so I went with him and we went for a coffee-decompressed a bit, that was nice.
Discovered that neither my son who cleaned up after dinner last night nor I remembered to put the super-yummy turkey soup I made in the fridge. I found it still on the stove this morn. I actually cried. It was to be our quick dinner before tkd and night shift this evening.
While I was trying to get the back up dinner made and the boys out of the house to tkd, the Monkey boy discovered some poo with his foot, and then wiped it on the carpet. Daddy had been changing the Girly's diaper and she escaped with a bare bum, and apparently left a deposit in the living room. ICKY!
When I was trying to get the toddlers out the door to pick up the boys from tkd, my sweet little monkey boy comes crying up the stairs with his pants off and a poo escaping his body! So I grab him, carry him up to the toilet and try to not yell. WHY!?! Why can't he #1 keep his pants on for more than an hour. #2 Why can't he just come up and use the toilet. So we were a minute or 2 late to pick up the boys, but they were fine.
Finally got my little poo-machines into bed and DS#1 yelps from the family room. Turns out that DS#3 did more than have a almost accident. And poor DS#1 found that lovely turd with his foot. And then he proceeds to wipe it on the carpet before coming upstairs to wash his foot. and again, WHY!?! So my entertainment this evening? Cleaning poo from carpet. I am not really sure what the recommended process for removing poo from carpet is, but I managed to get it out and then I poured boiling water on the carpet and soaked it up a few times. I now want to rip all my carpet up. I did already, but now I really do. I will live with plywood floors til I get some hardwood in here. I HATE carpet. especially with potty learning kids.
And now I am fighting another horrid migraine. I am willing it away, I will not allow it to take root.
Friday will be a wonderful, joy-filled, clean-house, poo-free, yelling-free, headache-free, sunny, warm day. It better be!

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  1. Our DVR is set to record this show called "Jon and Kate plus 8". It's about a couple who had twins, then tried infertility again and had sextuplets, so now they have eight kids five and under. The reality show follows them around so you see their daily lives and makes me realize I don't REALLY live a life of sacrifice...not like that.
    Anyway, yesterday the show was about potty training and how they try to manage it. They do it in shifts of three kids at a time and they each have their own color-coded potty. One of the things the mom does (she admits it's weird and as her husband says, "gross" is take a photo of each child with their first potty poop. She actually has them sit down next to the poop filled potty and takes their picture. So the word "poop" was said in that episode something like 49 times. There were numerous instances where they kids would sit on the potty, then get up and promptly poop in their "unnerwears" proudly. Your post made me think of that and brought back memories. I don't blame you for wanting hardwood so badly. Carpet just gets yucky with kids around. I'm so glad I'm past the "poopy" stage with the chillins!