Monday, October 15, 2007

Another Weeks Begun

Today I started a Exercise/weight loss blog, and then after writing some stuff down, I made it private-so embarrassed to see where I am that I don't want to share. Maybe in a few weeks, when I have had some success I will feel like sharing.:) I actually think it will be good to keep track of my progress in a public way, as then I have some accountability.

My crazy busy weekend is over and now my crazy busy week has begun. I quite enjoyed my weekend. I went with dh and the kids, and the neighbour's kid to the football game on Saturday. What an utterly gorgeous day for a football game. The sun was shining and made it quite warm, none of us needed more than a light jacket. Our team played awesome, it was an exciting game right to the end. They ended up losing, so my dh was kinda disappointed, but we had a lovely, looonnngg walk back to the car after, where the kids ran through the leaves and played cute games and we got to just enjoy the day. Dh is still working this 90hours/week, night-shift job, so it was nice to take a few hours together. He ended up not going in to work that night, thankfully.

Oh! I almost forgot! I took the Boy to hockey practice at 9:30 Saturday night and I got to meet his coaches for the first time. They are awesome! I was just gushing about them all night to anyone who would listen. They are four young men, who all played junior hockey and still play rec hockey all the time. The LOVE hockey and that is why they are coaching, to share their love of the game with some kids who also just love hockey. Usually you get a bunch of Dads, who may or may not know anything about coaching or hockey. We have had good and bad experiences with that. These guys are terrific though. The kids are ages 13 and 14, my Boy is only 12 for another 6 weeks, and small for his age. 3 kids on their team have never played hockey before. Most of them can not skate backwards even. They require a lot of coaching.

As I watched the coaches working with the kids, I actually had a tear in my eye at one point. These young men showed such patience, taking the time to demonstrate exactly what was wanted, if one of the kids wasn't getting it, the coach would work with him til he did. They were teaching these boys things that no one else has even thought to teach them. Like how to accept a pass. My son can skate quite well, but stick handling has never been his forte. When the puck comes to him, he braces his stick so the puck slaps it hard and bounces off, Lots of the kids were doing the same thing. Hard to then get the puck under control and take it down the ice. So the coaches stopped and taught them all how to let their stick come back a bit to accept the pass. Brilliant! Why did no one else think of this before, lol?
I think God really heard my prayers for the right coaching and teams for my kids this year, looking forward to watching them succeed.

Put my babes to bed not long ago, what a beautiful cacophony lullaby time has become. They both sing along and all of us are singing just a bit off of each other, and my 2 year old Girly sings her versions of the words and tune, her lines are often mixed up as she knows the words but not always their order. What a beautiful noise unto God we make. The two songs they love to sing with me are Jesus loves me, and the Fruit song, complete with actions. The bigger boys have always loved Away in a Manger, it is the one Daddy sang to all of them in the womb and when they were babies. We even sang it to Kalila when we said our goodbyes to her. I still get to sing it to my almost 13 and 10 year old boys sometimes. Like tonight. I have the sweetest kids ever, what a blessing it is to be able to sing to my children, even my almost teenager.

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  1. This post was beautiful. I love the voices of our children singing to God. My youngest is 8 now, but she's the most "spiritually wired" so far and LOVES praise music. She doesn't want to have anything to do with songs that aren't about God and will hide her eyes when anything comes on the TV (even commercials) that she knows she shouldn't see. When we are in the car, she sings songs from church to herself non-stop. Since I only have the radio on KLove in the car (it's the only station where I can be sure the lyrics and commercials will always be clean), my 13 yo son says he's bored of the same songs over and over, yet he knows all the words and sings them in front of his non-Christian friends. (I'm not even sure if he's aware of it). But when I stop to think about it and really listen, it makes me smile.
    Gee, I know what you mean about the diet. I have gained 5-10 pounds from the spring. I put on a pair of jeans that I wore all summer that were "just right", and now they are tight! I gotta do something, but am so afraid I don't really want it enough to eat better and exercise. I gotta do it, though. You can to. You ARE doing it! You go girl!