Friday, October 26, 2007

Party day

The moon was appropriately spooky for a hauntingly good party.

It was the Taekwondo Halloween potluck party tonight. Dozens of cutie ghoulies running around and masses of yummy treats to eat. I swear, all I have eaten today is salt and sugar. ick.

My 10 year old Pirate!

Here are my tiny ghouls checking out the party. They were both pretty intimidated by the scarier costumes and even a bit by the friendlier ones. Juju is doing better though, last year he would burst into screams and tears and a glimpse of a mask. He spent most of this evening with that thumb firmly planted in his mouth.

So much for rescueing the princess sister tonight. (oh she says she is a 'rina, 'rina, sorry)

Here is my Monkey joined by another tiny hero, cute!

My tiny ballerina danced the night away to the groovy, spooky tunes.

Mmm. Cupcakes!

1 comment:

  1. I love seeing the littles in their costumes! And I love the pics with treaties all over their faces - I still love Hallowe'en.