Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Well that was an eventful Halloween!
I kept putting off taking my eldest to get his costume, never seems to be any time. The other kids' costumes were picked up while we were out doing other errands, but there were never any in The Boy's size. So my plan was to go this morning and find something. Well dh decided he wanted to come with us, so then we had to get all the kids ready too and it ended up being noon before we left the house. We had to be at a friends at 1pm. Walmart had nothing. We did pick up some pirate weapons for ds2, so we got extras and I found a bandanna. We decided to take him home and find some stuff there to put together a pirate costume for him. I stopped in chapters on the way and picked up one of their adorable pirate dress-up outfits for ds3 so the boys could be The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. My 3 cutie pirate boys and their sister the princess (who said, "Arrrgh, I am a pirate!" at every house tonight!
We were even gonna decorate the Chariot as a pirate ship!
Well, while we were at the friends house, ds 2 fell off a fence and hurt his foot. He could not put weight on it. So we finished our visit while he iced it and then I took the kids home and put girly to bed. Off we went to the walk-in clinic. We waited. Went for x-rays and then back to the doc. By the time we got back home it was 6pm and time to get out and trick or treat. So the pumpkin did not get carved, the Chariot did not get decorated and my big boys went trick-or-treating with the neighbors. So I took my lone pirate and my pirate princess out myself. They had so much fun! Last year they hated Halloween, hated seeing people dressed up, hated the whole thing. This year they had a blast. They said, "trick or treat, happy Halloween, happy trick or treat and thank you,"enthusiastically at every door. They spoke to all the neighbours (who were so tickled to see them!) and Juju even gave candy from his bag to the neighbours! So cute and so much fun.
I even discovered that a lady I know from church actually lives 2 doors down. I kept meaning to go over and introduce myself to the new neighbours with little kids, but never got around to it. It was really weird, but nice!
Well all the little ghouls are tucked into bed. Dh is gone to his job, and I am gearing up to start on my novel. I had hoped to start at midnight and write a bit before bed, but I am so tired. It has been a long week already. Dh's Aunt, whom he is very close to, had a heart attack yesterday( which is why he didn't leave on his job yesterday) so that was scary, she is doing well but I definitely covet your prayers if you have a minute.
Tomorrow is the big day. I hope to get my writing done first thing in the morning and then start the clean-up from the renovations so far. Dh won't be working on it for a month, so I can get stuff as tidy as possible to keep me sane. I also have about 20 loads of laundry to fold and 20 more to wash. It. Never. Ends.
Oh yeah! Remember my son who needed to go have x-rays this afternoon? The one I carried into the Doctor's office? That cute one in the blue coat?
He trick-or-treated on that foot for 2 hours with the neighbours. He walked the whole time. Not one complaint.

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