Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am quickly going...

I am not cut out for this home renovation thing.
It is like day 4 or 5 and the mess is stressing me out! My chest is all tight and I feel a bit teary. I am trying to be upbeat and positive and haven't nagged a bit.... yet. But OH MY GOODNESS!!!! the MESS!!!
I can't even get to the sink to clean up the dishes from today. The whole house needs to be vacuumed every 5 minutes, right now there are almost invisible bits of insulation on every floor from my dh climbing around in the attic. When he is done for the night I will have hours of vacuuming to do.
This is the demolition stage and therefore messy. But I don't expect it will get much better anytime soon. Like 'til its done.
The worst thing for me is that it is not all planned out/spelled out for me in advance so I can plan. Dh likes to jump right in with both feet, planning is for sissies. It is the bane of my entire existence. For instance, He tells me about 30 seconds in advance that one of the cabinets in the dining room that holds much of my school paperwork is going to be temporarily removed. Therefore, everything within that cabinet needs to be removed. So instead of me getting some bins or boxes and sorting through and putting things away, he has my kids take everything out and pile it in my living room. On the floor. But to them, pile means exactly that. No orderly stacks of books for my boys. Nope, I have a mini mountain of files and books and what-have-you in front of one of my bookshelves. IN. FRONT. OF. not on, or in, IN FRONT OF!
There are matching piles on top of my kitchen table and various other locations around the house.
I have decided to wait until he leaves to clean it all up. He won't be working much on the house for the next month so I will organize and clean while he is gone. After reaching my daily word count of course.
I took the small ones out of the house for the day, my bigger boys were to come too, but they had not finished their schoolwork by the time I left so I left them behind. We spent a few hours at the leisure centre with a friend and her daughter. The preschoolers had a blast in the indoor playground and then we got them ice-cream. Messy goodness!
Dh called and told me not to bring the babies back home, too much demolition mess, so I dropped by to pick up my big boys to go to the book store. Guess what? Still not done school, or their chores. Left them at home again.
The babes and I went to the bookstore and had a snack at Starbucks. Green juice, yogurt, scones and a triple espresso for Mom. Then we wandered the isles looking at all the lovely books.
Dh calls. He has fallen in the attic. Put his leg through the dining room ceiling. He sounds a little grumpy. Maybe cuz I couldn't hold back my laughter.:P
I picked up a gorgeous hardcover The Velveteen Rabbit and Corduroy for the kids, two of my favourites that I have been whining about not having for my kids. I kept forgetting about them! Plus I sell Usborne books and get free paperbacks from my mil, so I don't go to bookstores that often anymore. AND I often pick up gorgeous kids books at Costco or Winners when I am getting other stuff.
I got us some poetry books as well, collections I had been wanting like Tennyson and Whitman. Again, how do I not have these already? I am forever looking up poems on the Internet. And searching through multi-author anthologies that I do have. I love reading poetry to the boys because they love hearing it, they think poetry is cool. How cool are they?
I will have to post a pic of the other things I picked up, so cute!
It was a crazy day, I forgot Taekwondo was at 4:30 on Mondays instead of at 5:30 like the rest of the week. I was still at the bookstore at 4:30. My dh called me from his truck at 4:30 as he was driving them. I felt really bad cuz he and his Dad were working so hard on the house. By the time I got to the Dojang, my preschoolers were fast asleep in the van so I sat in the van in the parking lot and worked on my scrapbooking for a half hour til the boys were done. Afterward I picked up Tim Hortons for the men, went home and threw together a nutritious meal of frozen pizza and veggies. Yum. Eaten in front of the TV, even better. Oh well. Tomorrow night I get to start cleaning up and make a real meal.
By the way, I so needed to make some headway on the mess that I went down and organized my laundry room, did laundry and cleaned the bathroom. With lots of bleach. ahhh... much better.

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  1. And here I was complaining about washing mixing bowls and beaters all day! This would drive me bonkers!!!! I can't stand clutter, let alone construction mess. And you're trying to do school at the same time! Are you trying to sell eventually? What are you remodeling and how long will it take? Hows the NaNo going? I think I might do it just for fun if it doesn't add to my stress level. I don't know how you do it. Oh, and how in the heck do you scrapbook in the van? Do you do digital scrapping? Hang in there...the fact that you're still organizing, still cleaning, and still cooking is amazing to me. I think I would toss my hands up in surrender!