Friday, June 06, 2008

Success! and sleep.

So those kids I was complaining about yesterday morning? Well, those kids are smarter than the average bear. Yesterday they really applied themselves and got most of the rest of their week's assignments done, so today, they had very little book work to do. Yay!!! Superboy even said that he thought he should get as much done on Thursday as possible, because Friday was a taekwondo day and he didn't want to miss another class. Hallelujah!! I have been trying to get them to make connections like that for years.
I took the littles to Kindermusik this morning which was fun, except for Monkey boy's traditional pout about some thing or other. He kept it going for almost 2o minutes before he realized that class was almost over and he was missing out on all the fun.
When we got home, the boys had pretty much finished school, Superboy finished Math and then they did their Latin recitation while I made lunch. After lunch I laid down for about 15 minutes while The Boy cleaned up. I drove hubby to work this morning, so I was a bit sleepy.
We just got back from our bike-ride/walk and now the kids are eating freezies and reading outside. Ahh homeschool...
I am still dragging a bit, only supper, taekwondo and soccer to get through... oh wait, and youth group, then I can sleep! Have I mentioned how much I love my bed? It is a glorious, downy nest and lately I miss it every moment that I am not in it. Only 6 more hours, I think I can make it...

Oh! Check out the Monkey Boy's hair! He was styling it with blue goo while I was in the shower. I helped him a bit when I got out, but he did a pretty good job, without too much blue stuff everywhere.


  1. so glad! so very glad!

    They seem to throw us these great days right after an extra nasty one eh?!

    Love you and the pictures are so great!

  2. Awwww....
    Glad today was better.

  3. Glad they got their work done

  4. What a difference a day makes!

    Thank God, for new days! :)

  5. What a great life! Hoorah!

  6. Wow! Mighty Morphin' kids!!!

    I so admire what you do with homeschooling.

    As a teacher, I have entertained thoughts of homeschooling J. It is NOT a popular decision amongst my teacher friends, but J's my priority. I'm pretty certain it will be my choice, at least early on . . .

    You are just such a fab mom, I just gotta tell ya!

  7. What great pictures!!

    I'm so glad they gave Mama a break after being such stinkers. They always seem to know when they have pushed us to the brink, don't they?

  8. I love the hair!! And I hope you were able to get some sleep.

  9. Monkey Boy's hair is awesome! Love it!

  10. LOVE The Monkey Boy's hair!!

  11. that hair on that boy just below the girlie? so good.