Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Laundry day. (is every day)

Did anyone notice my baby ticker today???? I am 30 weeks!!! Wow, that has gone quickly.
I am celebrating by enjoying the sun and the company of my children in between loads of laundry. So much laundry. So much that while visiting last week, my mother offered to bundle it all up and take it to the laundromat for me, just to get to the bottom of the pile. I didn't let her, but I am so proud of myself because I am finally seeing the floor down there.
There were things on the bottom of the pile that I am sure have been down there for months. literally. We just kept skimming off the top and some items were just getting missed. So yesterday I went through the whole pile, throwing things into my colour-coded bins that I have for that purpose, and eventually hit the floor. After about 7 hot water loads of damp towels, socks and undies etc. I now only have one hot water load left and less than 10 loads (I hope!) of clothes to do by tomorrow evening.
The best part is that I have been folding as I go and making use of my labeled baskets for clean laundry. One per person, plus one for sheets and towels and one for socks. This makes it easy to get the laundry put away, especially since the littles are super keen and every time there is anything in their bins, they take them up to their room and put them away. This means, of course that their drawers and shelves are an utter disaster. But full of clean laundry that had been sorted and folded at some point.
Tomorrow night I need to pack all of our stuff for our holiday so that Brent can load the van Friday morning. Friday evening is already filled with activities, so it needs to be done early. Then Saturday we are off! I won't be taking my computer so I won't be blogging at all until I get back, I shall miss all my blogging friends! Except Shay, because we will be together, basking in the sun and making enough food to feed an army. 12 people go through obscene amounts of food at the lake, especially those teenage boys!


  1. Yet, another reason I couldn't have anymore children. I just HATE doing laundry, and yet I am far to anal to not do it. 10 more loads to do before tomorrow? Good grief. There is just no way.

  2. Congrats on 30 weeks!

    So exciting.

    My laundry pile sounds a lot like yours. I'm embarrassed to admit that the other day, I found a couple of long sleeve shirts in our laundry pile


    (Do you know how long it's been hot here?)

    *GASP!" :)

  3. I can't believe you are 30 weeks!!

    You have a great time on your trip! See you when you get back. Kellan

  4. 30 WEEKS!!! Wahooo!

    Which reminds me...I should go down and continue tackling mine...the laundry pile that is. Cool you have a system! I need one!

    See you Sunday! We leave for Vernon Friday afternoon so I'll be offline after that! Can't wait!

  5. Oh girl. I worked the last three weeks straight. The children did the laundry., Meaning I'm re-doing the laundry. Doncha just love the smell of clothes which sit in the washer for two days, then get dried? Uh, yeah.

  6. Great for you folding as you go! It all sounds delightfully organized. My pile of clean laundry is currently in the living room. Not folded. Or sorted.

    Have a fabulous vacation!!

  7. Hi Kristen,

    Have a great time away! It sounds divine. Hope you'll post some pictures when you return (or that Shay will).

    Take care,


  8. The time seems to have really flown by! That seems like a great system for your laundry. We are just a family of three and we seem to go through clothes so quickly. I cannot imagine how many clothes you have to wash, dry and fold!
    Hope you have a great time on your trip!

  9. woo hoo! you're getting sooo close! i'm doing laundry today too. it's beyond overdue. sigh.