Monday, June 02, 2008

Potty talk

So, I can trust you guys, right? You won't think I am awful if I make a little confession?
'K. Here it is. I have a potty mouth sometimes. There it is. I know, I know, I am a good girl. I shouldn't even know any bad words, never mind speak them aloud. Well, I do.
Tonight at dinner, in the context of the conversation, I laughingly said, "Here comes the bitch slap!" (I swear, it was the perfect smart arse comment for the moment-seemed completely appropriate. for about 30 seconds.)
Well, my ten year old's jaw dropped to the table and then I realized that I may have had a slight error in judgment.
My second clue came in the form of my sweet little Monkey Boy's voice piping up, "Bitch slap, bitch slap, bitch slap," in a lovely singsong voice.
Yeah, nice, teaching the preschooler some lovely Sunday school language.
Needless to say, my hubby is a bit disappointed in me. Even if he did teach me those naughty words.
I miss the days when my potty mouth made him hot for me...


  1. bitch slap is a bad word then?!?! lol. sorry. I say all sorts of things I should not...sigh.

    Hopefully it just make us more human and relateable?

  2. I have a potty mouth too.
    Luckily, and to my surprise, it was hubby who first said a naughty word that Gage repeated.(THANK GOODNESS IT WAS HIM & NOT ME, b/c he never would have let me live it, I'm a bit more forgiving b/c I know how hard it is to stop cursing!)

  3. So funny. I have completely sworn off the language now that my son is learning to speak. Well, kind of. I learned a lesson, however, when I baby sat my friend's 2 year old. I learned that if you use the word Jack ass in traffic, the 2 year old will, without fail, repeat it to her mother, and you will feel the fire of her wrath rain down upon your person. She no longer asks me to baby sit ...jack ass...

  4. Yes ... I miss those days too and ... I too - have a potty mouth sometimes.

    Funny story.

    Take care - Kellan

  5. I still love ya. I just let the F-bomb fly the other day when I found one of my favorite shoes chewed up by my golden hubby just ushered the kids out of the room while I hollered at the dog. It rarely happens anymore, but when it is usually a doozy. :)

  6. Oh dude. You know me, right? I have a TERRIBLE mouth.

  7. I am much worse than I ever was. I think its because I work around officers that use cuss words like they drink water.

    I dont' say them out loud as much as I think them in my head- but they do tend to slip out.

  8. I've gotten worse as I've gotten older. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?! :)


  9. I'm actually really good at controlling my mouth around the kids.

    I'm a former teacher.

    We teachers have a "cursing switch," that we can turn off and on at will! :)

    It's one of the perks! :)

  10. We all have our moments like this! I accidentally said the four-letter word for "poo poo" the other day in front of my son.

    As long as he doesn't start sayin' he's gonna b-slap you, I think you are Ok! ; )

  11. Thank God. We need our own support group. Bad Word Girls....
    Me too. It is onm my New Year's resoultions every year.
    You haven't lived until your sweet little eleven year old, totally perplexed by a math problem scrunches up his cute little nose, wrinkles his eyes, and in all innocence, softly to himself, murmurs, "what the fuck?"
    Oh my oh my.....

  12. I had to chuckle even though I shouldn't cause I've been finding myself saying things in front of my kids too that I know I shouldn't. Jacob is a little sponge right now and thankfully he hasn't remembered or repeated much of what I've said. I know that day is coming soon...

  13. I'm a member of the potty mouth club, too. It's funny how the things we want the kids to remember, they don't. But let them hear one bad word, and it's all down hill! LOL!

  14. LOL Love that last line!

    Isn't it funny how quickly the kids pick up those words?

  15. I, too, have quite the potty mouth. My sweet hubby didn't, but he sometimes lets the expletives fly and I know it is all my fault. Now that Little Elvis is starting to talk, I am really trying to curb my use of sailor language. Right now my favorite I've-stubbed-my-toe-and-need-to-yell phrase is mother.. of.. pearl. Little Elvis will probably think that's my favorite type of jewelry when he's older.