Friday, June 13, 2008

More bouncing blessings

So my hubby is the only one of his brothers and first cousins to have children. Of course, we have enough kids to make up for everyone else. But we got some very exciting news yesterday, his brother and his wife are pregnant with their first child! They are good at keeping secrets apparently, because she is already 3 months along. I can't imagine keeping a pregnancy to myself that long, I am a blabber.

I am very excited for them, I wonder if they might have a little boy too, two little cousins to grow up together. I pray that she has an easy, healthy, problem free pregnancy. I am looking forward to meeting my new little niece or nephew.


Conversation with Girly
"When we get home it is time for bed," Mommy said
Dismayed Girly responds, "But the lights are still on!"
We have black out blinds up in their room, so I guess she still hasn't figured out that the sun is still up when she gooes to bed each night.


  1. Oh yay!
    Is this little bro R?

    Congrats from us too!

  2. My little guy tells me the same thing about the daylight.

    Congrats in the family's new addition. No way could I keep the secret that long. I'm a blabber too!

  3. Having cousins the same age is the best! Both of my sons have at least 2-3 other cousins the same age...all born within months of each other. It was also fun for me to be pregnant with my SIL's and my sis.

  4. I kept both of my pregnancies a secret for that long.

    Only my husband and I knew . . .

    I just didn't want to jinx them, I guess.

    It wasn't as hard as you would think.

    (Hiding the morning sickness could be a bit tricky, though!)