Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wednesday through Saturday, lol

Juju, my little monkey boy thinks calling Daddy a little sister is a great insult, lol. Daddy and the boys were wrestling in the hall and Spidey got hurt and was crying. This made his little brother very upset and he screamed at Daddy, "You LITTLE SISTER!!!!" I burst out laughing, he just kept yelling at Daddy, and poor baby sister was feeling a bit hurt. She was in there yelling in her bossy little girl way, lol.

Oh, Yuck! Daddy is a mouse murderer. And I couldn't be happier. ew. I was sitting here working on Friday night and I could see something moving out of the corner of my eye. I look over and see a tale and webbed looking feet go under the basement door. I screeched sooo loud! My poor dh thought I was hurt, and I freaked out the toddlers. I thought it was a lizard at first, a mouse didn't even occur to me til dh came down and I told him what I saw. He went out and got some traps, set them with peanut butter and in less than half an hour, SNAP. One dead mouse! I was happy, grossed out, a bit disturbed, but happy.
The worst part is that there was another one in a trap this morning. Yuck Yuck, I am freaked and refuse to go in the basement. Daddy is cleaning it all out, which was part of our summer plan anyway, to get rid of all those toys and clothes that are being stored down there, tame the laundry to one area, and make a gym/taekwondo area for the kids and us. - now there is some urgency to get it done, and I think he is gonna have to pull all the insulation down to make sure there aren't any mice burrowing in there and make sure there are no places for them to get in. We are pretty sure they came in the back door yesterday when the kids were having a neighbourhood water fight and using the back door as a shield. but still, freaking out. did I saw EW!
Pray there aren't any more rodents in my house, wahhhhh.
Oh, my family is using this little incident to work on mama to get her to let them have a pet. Spidey has been asking for a cat since he could talk, and daddy took him to the pet store to cuddle some today-to add the cute guilt factor to the pet quest. nice.
Excited about tomorrow, gonna take the kids to all the Canada Day festivities, even got baby girl a Canada Day outfit, lol. She will be so cute.


  1. Ewww but I think I'll keep my spider over your mice lol.

  2. YUCK is right! ACK!!! Have a happy Canada day girlie! We're off to the fireworks in a few minutes ;)

  3. There ARE humane traps for mice you know -where you dont have to kill them to catch them and take them far from your house....