Thursday, September 06, 2007

Caffeine makes it all okay

I have an admission to make. I have not seen High School Musical. What is even worse is that my boys have seen both movies, and I did not even preview them first! I didn't even know they had watched them til my ten year old was raving about it and singing songs from it! So funny, he is such a cutie. I so have to watch those movies!

Speaking of cute, have I mentioned how cute little Girly and my little Monkey Boy are? Well try super cute. Today in the van, after a very long day, we are driving home and the two of them are yelling. I thought they were fighting over Juju's sweater so I take it from Girly and give it back to him. Well he throws the arm back to her and yells, "Bite fight!" They were each putting an arm in their teeth and playing tug-of-war across the van. Yeah.

A little while later they are both screaming in awful voices, "LOVE YOU TOO MOMMY!!!!" I mean awful, ear-splitting screams. Now it is kinda cute when Girly says that lovingly, in her beautiful little girl voice, but....

Daddy had the great idea of having a 'let's see who can be quiet the longest' contest. So she is quiet for exactly 15 seconds before she yells, "I win!"

On the bright side, school went swimmingly today again, and I had a really hot latte this afternoon, so it was a near perfect day.

I even made this: this is a revamp now:)

A picked out her own clothes one day and Daddy helped her get into them-he even did her hair. Isn't she just a vision?

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  1. My fav is the happy yelling too. Or the newest thing my girls do...yelling "mom, mom help!" and when I come running they say, "not you mom, Amelia is the mom" lol. Crazy!
    Oh and she looks just FAB. Tell her dad I think he missed his calling with hair lmao!