Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Recess is .... hilarious.

First day of school! We had a pretty good day here of not going to school:) We actually did quite a bit of school work and chores, I felt like it was a good start ot the year. I am looking forward to many more like it and being really present with them and involved. Juju really wants to learn stuff too, so I am sure he will know all his letters and even writing quite a bit by the end of the year. I am gonna have to have lots of interesting stuff on hand for him and Girly to do while I am teaching the boys, they both want to get right in there.

We had some entertainment today during a school break.

My little monkey boy is extremely proud of his genitalia. He talks about them quite often, especially when we are out and about. He has been known to say in a very loud voice, "When I grow up I will have a Daddy sized penis!" Man, even at three they are comparing their stuff with other guys.
Today he had to hop in the bath to wash off the vast amounts of mud he accumulated in 20 minutes in our backyard. When he got out he didn't want to put his clothes on, instead he enjoyed running around yelling, "Look at my penis!" Now he know that this is not acceptable behavior, as is evidenced by the mischievous grin he sports while yelling. We have told him that his penis is just for him and he is to keep it in his pants, so to speak, when he is not in the privacy of the bathroom or bedroom. but anyways... he still loves to streak.
Today baby girl got in the action. She was fully clothed, but as Judah was yelling she sticks out her pelvis and yells, "Look at my China!!" Oh my gosh, we were laughing so hard. I didn't even bother to explain that her china was not for public display or that the her outside girly bits are not her china but her vulva or any of those other teacher/mommy things I always feel the need to say. We just had a good giggle and tried to wrangle the monkey boy into some pants.

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