Tuesday, September 25, 2007


My cutie son and 'Meme' on our playdate/preschool day on Monday. They were so sweet yesterday, they made playdough with Mommy, created with it for almost an hour, and then we went outside to play in the Autumn sun. They kicked the soccer ball for a while, but Juju was very bossy. Meme didn't seem to mind, she kind of ignored him and did what she wanted. The only major disagreement came when Meme wanted to ride one of the tricycles in the back yard. Ju was riding his training wheeled bike, but there was no way he wanted to let Meme anywhere near any of the bikes. When I went out to see what was happening Juju said, "I need 3 bikes, Meme can't ride one." Okay then. He was so not impressed when I let Meme on one of the bikes, and then told him to let her ride on the sidewalk too. He went in the house to pout. Hmm... I guess we need to work on the sharing.
Credits: Paper, frames, elements both pages Eva Kipler's Carolina Haven; Alpha Retrodiva's All I need @ retrodiva . net; Frame template by Retrodiva
Sparkle paint: Angela and Emily Powers of Two Sisters Designs @ scrapartist . com

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