Saturday, September 08, 2007

Oh!Oh! In cute hockey news, Juju, my 3 year old wants to play hockey now too! It is only $75 and includes skating instruction, so we may just let him. I can`t wait to scrap preschooler hockey pictures!!!!!
My poor 12 year old, he was totally bag-skated today, they were on the ice for almost 3 hours today and another couple in the morning. I think he will sleep hard tonight.
Pray that my 10 year old gets good, encouraging coaching this year. The last few years have been really discouraging for him, as he had coaching that allowed little hotshots with no sportsmanship or team mentality to run around with the puck and did not encourage the rest of the children to develop. He ended up feeling left out and a bit disillusioned. I really want him to have a good experience this year as an individual and as a team.

Had to make a matching page, same credits, no template, but the frames are Retrodiva.


  1. Kristen! Great to see you over at Scrapartist! woohoo! ::::wecoming hugs::::

    I so understand about the hockey thing....i will say a prayer that your boy gets the coaching he deserves. Some coaches should be ashamed of themselves. In their "quest" to be the winners all the time, they play the hotdogs.

  2. btw...I don't have a laptop, so I can't bring it to hockey *grin*, I love to watch them skate around, tyler's first year is this year and he's doing pretty good so far thanks to rollerblades! We hockey moms, eh? lol