Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On a happier note...

We took my dad to the airport this morning to go to work in the NWT, Juju came into my bed before the alarm even went off, so he came too. He was so happy and sweet this morning, just chattering away the whole time. Love it! After we dropped him off at just after 7, we went to Denny's for breakfast. My fave meal to eat out! I forgot that I am not a big Denny's fan though, hate the shredded hashbrowns! Speaking of which, I mostly finished when I uncovered a hair in my hashbrowns. YUCK! The waitress was super nice though, I think she was as grossed out as I was that I had eaten most of it before I found it. They comped my meal, so that was awesome of them. But I can still feel hair in my throat, ack!

The sun is shining and the air is fairly warm, so I dragged our books out onto the deck so we can do our book work in the fresh air while the little ones play in the yard. They are riding their bikes and look adorable. Daddy just put training wheels on one of our little 2 wheelers for Juju last weekend, and he is now a pro. Last week he was riding his tricycle and Girly was screaming for a turn, so we thought he was probably big enough to move up. Girly is LOVING being pushed around on the tricycle, and motoring on the little pooh bear bike Nana brought last summer. They look adorable in their tiny helmets.

Apparently there is snow in the short term forecast, so I want to take every advantage of any nice weather we have left. We are going to go for a walk in the River Valley this afternoon. And we just might head to Calgary for a field trip. The baby elephant was finally born last month and is now 'on display' at the zoo, Daddy thinks it would be so fun to go and say hello! If we do go, I want to stop and pick up some curriculum and maybe spend the night so we can go to Drumheller on Thursday. Dinosaurs! The boys would be terribly excited, they are still crazy for dinosaurs, even talk of being paleontologists. I'll have to do some research tonight and see if there is anything happening 'in the field' there that they could take part in.

Tonight we are going for birthday dinner with all dh's family, a joint party for my 10 year old, his uncle and his great uncle, should be noisy and fun. Cake! Bonus!
k, time to get off the computer and get outside. Plus, my wrists and hand are killing me!

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