Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I actually had no intention of writing about 9.11 when I hit new post today. As the window opened, my son mentioned that it is his uncle's birthday today and it moved to the forefront of my mind. Actually I have thought about it a few times lately. My daughter often cuddles in my bed with me in the morning and my window is always open. When she hears a bird or a plane, she gets really excited and yells about it. It always reminds me of those months after 9.11 when I would cry and have extreme anxiety every time I heard a plane fly over. Especially when I was in bed. I remember my dh holding me as I shook, and trying to calm me so I could breathe.
That morning I was waiting to start work at the Fitness centre I was employed at. I had come in early to work out and had just finished getting dressed when someone came running out of the cardio room to tell us a plane had hit the World Trade centre. We stood around the tv's watching the coverage for a bit, my shift started at 9 so I couldn't keep watching. I called my dh at work to tell him, he said that everyone's phone's started ringing at the same time. I missed all the live tv coverage, but it was all anyone talked about. It was days before I could make myself turn on the tv at home and watch any of the coverage. I did listen to the radio, but kept turning it off, it was just so sad.
I still think about all the families of the victims, how horrendous the whole thing was and is.

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  1. I know how you feel. I still can't watch/listen or read anything about it without getting tears in my eyes!!

    I came to your blog to say HELLO after seeing you post at DC. I have thought about you a lot and missed seeing you around the site. Happy to see you again.