Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Monkey boy's new do

Well I am a bit sad today, but my little Monkey boy looks so cute and he is so pleased with himself, it is hard to be too sad. He finally got all those lovely blond curls cut off. I adore his blond curls, I especially love gazing into his soulful, big green eyes peeking out of the angelic locks. But he is growing up. He wants to be big and 'tool' (cool, with a lisp), he wants to be like the big boys.

And the desire of his little 3 year old heart was a mohawk. Honestly what could be cuter than a little boy with a mohawk.

I had a talk with Dad and requested a faux-hawk, because I was well aware that there is no way that he would let me style his mohawk everyday. (learned that lesson with boy #2, who at six had a full-on mohawk, 4 inches high, and let me style it twice in twice as many months)

Daddy took him to Game Day Hair Care, which looks like a sports bar, complete with big screen tv's, a 'bar', video games and a flat screen at each station. The nice stylist put treehouse on for my sweetheart and he was perfectly behaved. Didn't move a muscle, just gazed into the tv.

The pile of blond curls on the floor was a bit much for mommy to take, but my boy was so very excited with his cool 'mohawk' that I had to grin.

The best part for him was not only that he now had cool big boy hair, but he got a pack of hockey cards, just like his big brothers have!

Baby girl was disappointed that she didn't get a hair cut too. In fact when it was time to leave, she stood by the door, folded her arms across her chest and refused to leave. She wanted to have pretty hair like Mommy she said and her hockey cards too.

look at her cute pout!

No More Crazy Hair
kit: K. Schmidt Crazy freebie
paint and frame:Two sisters designs, La vie en paint and Beauty Marks
alpha: Tracy Collins wallflower, recolored

Judah's haircut

kit: paper K. Schmidt Crazy freebie

frames: Jeannie Papai, Buddy boy

paint:Two sisters designs, Beauty Marks vol 4 & La Vie en Paint

fonts:Amienne,boopee,freestyle script

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