Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No Nap!

I don't much feel like blogging today, my brain is kinda numb, no real thinking going on. We didn't end up going to Calgary today, it was cold and gloomy this morning and my dh reminded me that my eldest had hockey tonight. We did take the kids and their friends to the rec centre and spent the afternoon in the pool. Girly got grumpy by the end, too many days with no nap. She will NOT sleep in the car or stroller, so frustrating. I have stuff to do, I can't be home every afternoon so she can nap. All my other children would sleep in a moving vehicle. My ten year old still gets sleepy in the car. Juju falls asleep within minutes of getting in the car seat many afternoons. Not my girly. She can almost fall asleep standing up, but not in the car.
She is just to busy looking at stuff and talking. "Cwouds Mommy! I see cwouds in the sky," she said yesterday. So cute! If I corner quickly or we go down a hill, her and Juju squeal with delight and yell, "whee!" She plays games with her slightly bigger brother, and teases him and fights with him. She screams for the park, I can not drive by a playground unless I plan on stopping. She points out things she sees, yells for her dropped bear, whines for snacks, but she does not sleep.
Life is way too exciting and there are way too many things to see and do to waste time sleeping. She also wants to get out and see things and do things. No staying at home for her. She gets really grumpy if we spend too long at home, especially if we are in the house. She wants to go OUT! She begs to go in the van, or in her 'New Pink Stroller', or out to ride her bike. She want to go shopping or visiting or to the pool or just something. So much fun, and so good for me. I can be a homebody if I don't watch out, so the daily reminders to get out and do are awesome. Oh, if anyone goes out without her, there is heck to pay for the parent left at home with her. And that is usually me. It is actually pretty heartbreaking listening to her scream for Daddy not to leave her. Poor little baby.
I guess we should stay home tomorrow afternoon, let her get a nap. Have to go for a walk in the morning so she gets OUT. Daddy says we are pulling out the carpet on our main floor and taking out a wall tomorrow, I think it is gonna be pretty crazy here for the next while-she is gonna need her sleep.

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  1. Kids say the cutest things - your DD is adorable (love the 'Cwouds'). :)