Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hair cut

It really must have been time to go to the salon, the stylist told me that she had never worked with hair as long as mine before. Yikes! I wish that I had thought to take a picture first, it was past my bra strap-almost to my waist. Icky. I can't believe I let it get so long. It had been 1o months since I last had a cut and color. Seriously! What was I thinking? I let everything else take precedent over spending a few hours on myself. "My hair doesn't look that bad," I kept telling myself. "If I blow it out it looks nice." Yeah. I couldn't even do that anymore, it was too long and took too much time.
My hair was so long that it kept getting caught under my arm as I was driving. When I sat up in bed it was often caught under me, ouch! Juju loved it, he kept trying to hold it under his nose while he sucked his thumb. He has always wanted to do that since he was a tiny baby, and with it being so long, he could often get away with it for a while before I would notice.
So I finally went and took the big plunge. I got it coloured dark again, I am kinda picky about colour, I know exactly what I want. Right now what I want is brown. Not golden brown. Not reddish brown. Brown. I LOVE it! Not sure why, but I do! The colour is perfect, of course now I am thinking that I may want some highlights when I go back in for a touch-up. hmm. maybe caramel.
My favorite part was after the colour. The washing! The girl who rinsed me out and washed my hair was amazing. I wanted to tell her that I loved her by the time she finished. WOWZA! I thought she did a great job of massaging my head while shampooing, I had told her how much I loved the shampooing part of the cut. Well that was nothing compared to when she put in the conditioner. She gave me a whole head, super-d-duper massage. I had goosebumps from my hair roots to my toes, she did such a good job. She massaged right into the edges of my face and down into my neck, I didn't realize how tense I was until my body started to relax under her fingers. Then she brought the hot towels to put on my head and pushed the heat right into my scalp. It was so amazing, I wish I could go and have a wash every week!
Then the scissors came out. I think I ended up taking 6-8 inches off. I wish I had thought ahead and had her take it in a chunk rather than bit by bit, so I could have donated the hair. I honestly didn't realize how long it was or how much I was gonna have taken off. So now it is just past my shoulders, with lots of great layering. I really like it, I have had it like this before, but the sides are shorter than usual. There is one piece that barely fits behind my ear. I am thinking of going and getting bangs instead of the cheekbone length layers. hmm.
I did make another appointment for next month for a colour touch-up! And I booked a facial at the same time, I can't wait for that. I read about Haley-O's birthday facial the other day and I can't stop thinking that I really want to go for one. I almost can't stand the decadence of not waiting a whole year to go back to the salon! It will be really nice to go to the same girl twice in a row, cuz I am thinking she should still be there in a month. Usually the girl I love has moved by the time my next appointment comes around.
Hmmm... my dh may not like the new 'taking care of me' Kristen. I am thinking she will be a wee bit more costly to maintain. Oh well, I am sure he won't mind, he loves it when I am gorg and happy.
Oh goodness, my 10 year old caught me bloggin' and he ran downstairs to laugh at me with his brother. "B! Mom is writing a whole blog post about her HAIR! mwahahahaha! Can you believe that?" I said nothing about the fact that his blogging for the last 2 weeks has consisted of nothing but video games. I mean really, who would rather read about that than my gorg hair?

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