Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hockey Redux

Check this out! I whipped this up in 2 minutes flat, my first try at using a template. I love it! This is all from Scrapartist Reverie kit, the template and beauty mark are by Two Sisters Designs.
In non scrappy news, I am once again a hockey mom. Remember when I said I was not gonna be a hockey mom this year and I was kinda sad? Well I am eating my words now. Daddy helped them change their minds, and just like that I am Hockey Mom. But this year is a bit worse cuz I am driving so I will be expected to get them to their ice times when daddy can't. uck. Plus, the taekwondo school changed their schedule so that now instead of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, they only have class on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Hockey is played on weekends and therefore they will miss many Saturday classes, and the Master wants them to be on his leadership team for the junior classes. So that kinda sucks that they will miss so much.
What really sucks about the hockey thing is that Daddy let them choose last night, so we are totally not prepared. They have not been on the ice since April and their equipment, well at least their skates don't fit. They didn't even try them on til this morning cuz Dad and the boys went to the football game last night. I am kinda frustrated by the irresponsibility of it all, I wish they were better prepared for their tryouts. I feel bad for them. We suck as hockey parents.
On the bright side, Daddy will probably help coach both kids, so that should be good for them all.
Well got to go prepare for tomorrow, maybe go skate shopping, and go to the church carnival with the kids. Busy weekend fun. Oh! I should maybe do some housework too. Dad comes tomorrow, and the house is a disaster!

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