Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Noveling... again

Incredibly I am managing to wrap up my novel. Only 3000 words to go and I think that there are just enough for me to tie up the loose ends of my plot. In January when I start editing, I will have lots of scenes to fill in and add, but the bones of my book are there. So exciting!
My back is seizing up again, so I am off to bed, I will finish up tomorrow I guess. Nothing like leaving it to the last moments. Actually I am sure I would have been finished now, if it were not for the incredibly, indescribably trying day I have had as a mother. But that is a whole other story.
Thanks again for all the encouragements!


  1. ...but you got through it, and tomorrow is another day.

    Excellent work on the writing. I'm so impressed! :)


  2. So true Heidi, tomorrow is another day. I spent some time with each boy tonight, apologizing for losing my temper with them. I still feel awful, but we all forgave each other. Looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow.
    and Thanks!

  3. Really impressed that you are managing this! Here I am grousing about how hard NaBloPoMo is and you're writing a novel as well (and you have WAY more kids than I do!)

  4. Your kids are lucky to have you...we all lose our cool with our kids sometimes, and I think it helps prepare them to deal with everyone else in life who will lose it too...or that's what I tell myself! Keep going! You're in the home stretch!

  5. I am proud of you!
    I wish I was there to take you out for a celebritory drink (or latte - whatever!)

    I know the kids know you love them:)

  6. Thanks for stopping in on me! I'll be back!!