Sunday, November 11, 2007

Family Fun Night

It has been a very long time since we did a family games night. Far too long.
So tonight we fired up the chocolate fondue with the kids and then indulged in a rousing game of High School Musical 2! Now dh and I have never watched either movie, so we couldn't fully appreciate the beauty of the game, but the kids LOVE it! We had far more fun than we expected:)

Our First Family Fondue!

My Monkey boy thinks it is pretty yummy.

My Girly bathed in chocolate!

Two handing chocolate is not enough, lend me a hand Dad!

The Robot. Dh wanted me to cut him out because apparently his head looked huge. vanity I tell you!

Tap Dancing.

My wonderful son killing himself laughing at Mom tap dancing. He seriously laughed for 5 minutes. Nice.

Now we just need to watch the movies, the kids highly recommend them!


  1. It looks like a wonderful night! So many happy faces. But a smile on me, too :)


  2. We had a family game night Saturday too! We played Clue. I loved your pictures. Hey, how do you put the frames around the pictures?

  3. What a great idea for family night (chocolate fondue) my kids would love that. I'm putting that on our calendar right now. Thanks for the great idea! Lori D.

  4. Oh boy does that look yummy! I have two fondue pots and a fondue fountain I never use. Need to find them and get them out soon!