Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Family fun

Dh is home for the weekend! Yay!
Daddy and I have a conversation with our little, 2 year old girl.
Mom and Dad sitting at table with our girly and talking to each other.
Girly: I have an A, I have an A, I have an A
Daddy: Yes your name does start with A
Girly: I have an A, I have an A, I have an A
Mommy: yes you do have and A, A_____ does start with A
Repeat 6 or 7 times while crawling on Daddy.

Girly, looking very serious with head tilted to one side and brow furrowed while sitting on table looking at us: People does know my name.
Daddy restraining his laughter: Yes honey some people do know your name.
Girly: People know my name.
Mommy: Yes, Girly people do know your name.
Girly: People does know my name.
Daddy: What people know your name?
Girly looks very thoughtful with very furrowed brow and shrugged shoulders: Um, people.
Daddy: Do people at church know your name
Girly: yes
Daddy: Do people at hockey know your name?
Girly: Yes, People know my name.
Mommy: Does it bother you that people know your name, when you don't know who they are?
Girly: Um. (she looks away shyly and then cocks her head back at us) Akchuyee (actually) yes.
Both parents giggling now.
This went on for quite some time, at one point I said to her, "and are you kind of a big deal?"
Girly: Yep, I kinna big deal.
I eventually had her saying, "People know my name, I kinna big deal."
So flippin cute!
I am continually amazed at the children God has blessed me with. They are such wonderful individuals, each so different from the next, but each one filled with kindness, generosity, intelligence, compassion, and a great love for God and their family. What more could a mother ask for. Other than a housekeeper maybe.
Oh! We sing to the kids or with the kids every night when we put them to bed. Lately the little ones have been asking for an old Sunday School action song, called the fruit song.
You do the action for each fruit in the song, it ends, '---that's the raisin (shrivel like a raisin)why.... I just go banana's (make a banana with your arms over your head) 'bout my Lord!
Well there is a little shabby chic chandelier in the middle of the nursery, and I stand between their beds as I sing. More than once I have enthusiastically lifted my arms to make a banana and hit the chandelier with my hand, pulled it down and yelped, "OW!"
So the other night, Girly and the Monkey boy are singing away, doing the actions and we sing, 'I just go bananas bout my Lord!' and Girly continues by grabbing one hand with the other and yelling, "OW!"
So much fun!


  1. so cute! But why does mommy-ing have to be so dangerous? :)

  2. They just sound so cute! "I'm kinna big deal." She certainly is! :)