Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Cwazy Girl.

I just want to say that I so appreciate the encouragement I have been receiving from you fellow bloggers in regards to the novel thing. You guys rock! I am pushing on, slowly but surely.

So tonight I am tucking my Girly into bed and she reaches under her pillow and pulls out a piece of waffle and takes a bite. I am in such shock that I just watch her as she then stuffs it back under her pillow and lays back down.
A WAFFLE! Under her pillow! Where did this come from? And why did she think it was a good idea to keep food under her pillow?! I guess she grabbed it on her way through the kitchen up to her room, when we came in from her brother's hockey game at 10pm. So late!
Two of dh's brother's, and one brother's girlfriend came to the game and it was a blast. They are loud and fun and kept the kids wound up for 2 hours. My kids were just crazy and my Girly kept taking off her clothes. In the arena.
anyway. Now they are tucked in bed! phew.
Last night, my Dad was here overnight. My Girly did not have a nap yesterday, so by bedtime she was pretty crazed. At one point she was running in circles around the living room, screaming in her monster voice, "YOU looking at ME?! You looking at ME?!" Over and over, we were almost peeing our pants laughing so hard.
That girl needs regular sleep and meals/snacks. Otherwise she is 'out of contwowl,' as she likes to say.


  1. LOL about the waffle under the pillow. I guess she felt she needed a little something to keep her going through the night?!

    She sounds like quite the little character. And hey, at least she gets excited when she's overwrought. I so prefer that to whininess :)


  2. OMG! That is too funny. Who would have ever imagined a waffle there????

  3. That is hilarious!!!
    Seriously, kids are nuts sometimes.
    Matt's line - when he's wound up like that is "I'm FAWEAKIN' Out here!" (that's freaking)
    I have no idea where he got it. But, one time he said it so much when we were driving that Mike had to pull over to the side of the road. He and I were both in tears.