Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rock stars and Pee

I put some new hand-me-down jammies on my girly last night and the shirt has a kangaroo pocket. She had to put stuff in the pocket. Had to. She found a harmonica and some Euros that Nana had given the kids. So I had to empty her pocket before I put her to bed, didn't really want to leave her with choking hazards in her bed.
Well this morning when I went in to get her out of her crib, she had her hands in her pocket. Kinda cute. Then she pulled out the harmonica! She puts it to her lips, blows in and out, then says, "It a rock song!" Some more music, a little singing and then she says,"It a rock star song!"
She was a rock star all day, except when she was a 'rina. By the way she now corrects me when I say ballerina, with 'rina 'rina. Apparently me copying her occasionally, because she is too darn cute, kind of backfired.

Today I accomplished nothing. Nothing. My kids had pancakes for supper. My laundry is still not done being folded.
Speaking of which, my lovely toddler boy sat in a chair on which some folded bedding sat (mostly because my linen closet is much too small! and I am lazy about putting away.)
anyway. He sat on my clean laundry and played computer games and wet himself. On my clean laundry. argh.
Speaking of which, my wonderful 3 year old boy (the same one) didn't come to cuddle with me last night until just after 6am. Yay! He then proceeded to fall fast asleep and pee. In my bed. On my new featherbed. And my beautiful new bedding. argh.

Now I need to go finish my writing for today. I have a feeling my heroine's child will wet the bed, seems like the day for it.
By the end of tomorrow I need 25000 words, I shall meet that goal I think!


  1. Way to go girl! I am SO proud of you! I love the way you squeeze in your writing time into your busy life, inspirational you are! Keep it up!!

  2. You go girl! You are truly an inspiration...for more than meeting your writing goals, which is cool, but for being a great mom, the most meaningful thing in the world! :-)

  3. You've been tagged!