Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Okay, I am sitting here writing up a storm, my dh said this one word when he called to say goodnight to the kids, and it pulled all my subplots together and I am so excited my fingers won't stop.
Until nature called. I ran upstairs into the bathroom. No tp. I check my stash in the hall closet. No tp. I check the other bathroom. Not one square. fudge. I had already made a semi-emergency stop at the store earlier today to pick up diapers and laundry detergent since I had used the last of those. Did not occur to me to check the tp situation, we usually have extra laying around.
I run down to the 13 year's room and tell him that I have to run to the store quickly, I grab my phone and keys and race out to the van. I head to the local Safeway because it is open til 11, most of the other groceries close at 10 pm now.
I have been avoiding this Safeway lately because they are renovating and therefore things are moved around and I have a hard time finding what I am looking for. But the bonus of the renovations is that there happens to be a large number of youthful attractive male construction workers hanging about. *grin*
As I walk in, one of these young men proceeds to check me out and I was in such shock that I actually laughed out loud. Poor guy. I do look rather charming in my fleece jacket and jeans combo circa the hockey mom collection of 2007 (or 2005 maybe, I think)
Unfortunately nature was calling in earnest so I raced on past, straight to the paper product isle in search of my grail. Small white sheets of 30% post-consumer recycled paper product. I quickly pay and race back out to my van and I 'punch it Chewy!'* as my kids like to yell as I pull away from red lights. (*Starwars reference) I then proceed to hit every red light on the way home as my post-5 pregnancies bladder screams in protest.
And here I am back at my computer, where instead of continuing my novel writing frenzy, I feel the need to tell my story to all of you.
Okay, break over, back to the novel...


  1. Too funny! :) I've been there, too, but I think you had me beat on time. Hands down.


  2. Hilarious.
    I have to admit that I would have sent my husband to the grocery store (across the street) while I did my business.
    Ironically, I was just thinking that I'm out of tp. Thanks for the reminder!
    PS I have to admit I know where the bathrooms are in the grocery store... I would never have made it home.

  3. Oh my - I would have found some scrap of paper towel, kleenex, coffee filter... anything... THEN run out to the store. This was too funny!

  4. I would have used the store restroom to tide me over, but then I'm a guy. My wife never lets us get below about twelve rolls at any given time.

    Happy NaBloPoMo.