Friday, November 23, 2007

So I managed to put out my back and neck with all this writing. Oops.
So I won't be on the computer at all in the next few days except for novelling.
I will miss you all and will talk to you soon:)
My girlfriend, Speilmom had some interesting questions on her blog today relating to community.
It really made me think and I practically wrote a whole post in her comments. I am pasting it here because I would love to hear from you and your thoughts.
Gosh. Your questions about community are ones I have been asking myself lately. And that I have been exploring a bit with my MC in my novel.Does anyone truly know me? Why not? How can I possibly trust someone that much?One thing that came to me was the importance of spiritual mentors, someone you can trust implicitly, who has earned this trust through their guidance and involvement in your life. Someone to pray with and share with. I really don't see a lot of this happening in the Church these days. At least in my experience. Partly because for many of us, community doesn't really exist. If we had a close knit community, there would be women (or men for men) who would watch us grow up and whom we could look up to and maybe we would naturally develop these types of relationships. I know when my Mom became a Christian, it was because of ladies like this, who took an interest in a young mom, shared with her and supported her and then discipled her into relationship with Christ. I had women like that in my life as a teen, but when I grew up and moved away I lost than lifeline. I started attending much larger congregations where it was much easier to follow my natural inclination to get lost in the crowd. Keep my anonyminity. I think that maybe we have lost something very important that we need to find and cultivate, especially with the young people coming up. I think they are our responsibility in some way. And because I think I would like to be truly known. Truly known and loved anyways. That is the love of Christ.


  1. I think you can be truly known and loved through your blog -- this is the real you, and we don't question it. We support you. :) We might not be mentors, but we're definitely community. Community that loves you for the real you. :)

  2. Well, I agree with Haley-o about having a community in the blogging world, but I do think there is nothing that can replace the type of flesh and blood relationship you are talking about. I have longed for an older woman to mentor me. I have my mom which is more than many have.

  3. Agree 100 percent! This is exactly what I'm looking for in a church and it doesn't seem to exist anymore. Today was the last Sunday we are attending the one we've been going to. It was a churchplant and we had high hopes of some kind of a connection...I mean come on, the church is tiny! But we never felt like anybody cared that we were there and the pastor would make verbal promises and then never follow through. I could go on and on.... :)

  4. I have to say that I do feel very fortunate to have found this wonderful mommy blogging community, it is a wondeful place that I feel blessed to be a part of. You guys are so amazing.
    I think for the most part, my lack of community in the church setting falls on my shoulders. There are many more things I could be doing to find that in my church. We do have many wonderful opportunities in our church to make connections and find a place to belong. And we are making progress in that. I, personally, have been hesitant to let myself be known I guess. To be open enough to form those sorts of relationships. I do have friends that I feel love me unconditionally, even if I don't trust myself enough to always be an open book. I am workin' on it:)