Friday, November 09, 2007

Novel Update

It is almost 1, but I just finished working on my novel for the day. 13500 words is where I am at now, right on target! I did want to get extra words in each day so that I didn't have to work on it on the weekends, but I am finding writing time harder and harder to come by.
For those of you who have asked what I am writing about, it is pretty simple.
I am writing a contemporary story of a 3o something mom, her inner conflicts; her life; her marital struggles and triumphs; and I meant to throw in a murder mystery as well (um that was to be the main plot) My characters have kind of taken over the story and so far no one has died. I do have hope of a grisly murder yet, I guess we will have to wait and see.
When I spoke of the one word that my husband gave me the other day that gave all my plots lines new life and connected them in a way that was perfect, well the word was the name of an illness.
I was whining that my characters had gone off on all these tangents, right from day one. Tangents that I didn't have any desire to pursue. Like one of the MC's children being ill. I so did not want to write a book about a sick child, way to sad and hard and...
Anywayssss. I was saying this to my dh and he said, "What about _____." And I thought for a second and then I jumped up and said, "YESSSSSS! Perfect!" Fairly straightforward illness, scary, deadly, but if treated quickly has a quick recovery. So I didn't have to walk my characters through months of chemo and waiting for results etc. And it gave me the perfect introduction for my semi-antagonist and my murder victim. If the victim ever gets around to dying.
So thank you dh! Without that one little word, I think I would have had to stop writing right then and there.
And... he also made me aware of a situation in the pub a couple weeks ago that became the scene in my novel where the MC and her future dh meet. My dh was laughing at me scribbling away on a napkin and watching these people instead of paying attention to the exciting hockey game on the big screen.
I am a huge people watcher. Dh said he wasn't going to take me to any more football games because I didn't pay any attention to the field, I was too busy spectating the spectators. What? I cheered and jeered at all the appropriate places. I even did the wave and sang the fight song.
But people are so interesting. Watching those around you interact is wonderful inspiration for writing. Plus, everything they do and say is copyright free material!
So I think my novel is going well. And I am becoming an expert at procrastination. I think I made 4 blog posts during the day, tons of comments on others, but not a single word did I write in my novel til after 10pm. Oh well, I got my words in now. Now I just need to find the elusive sleep spot in my pillow. Maybe I will dream my next scene!


  1. I don't know how you find time for it all! Seriously! With the kids at home and all, not to mention your diligent commenting on others' blogs (thank you:)). I am very impressed!


  2. I was wondering how you get it all done too....and wondering how you even got a start on a novel, let alone over 13000 words!

  3. Hey girl! I'm so proud of you for sticking to your word count. Some accountability partner I am! I fell behind days ago! How are the kids doing on theirs? I'm a huge people watcher too. I love to go to the Indy 500 with my husband. I say it's to support his love of openwheel racing, but we both know the biggest part of the day for me is the 2 1/2 mile walk each way to our seats...the humanity is so interesting. One time, hubby and I were eating breakfast together and were people watching the same couple and we went home and each wrote the scene according to how we imagined it was for those people. It was really fun.
    Anyway, I nominated you for a discipleship award! Come on over and pick it up!

  4. You go girl!

    I will do this too. Soon. Sigh.

  5. Good look with your novel. I'm such a people-watcher too and a listener! My hubby kids me because we'll be out at dinner and I will fill him in on exactly what is going on at all of the other tables in our vicinity. What can I say? People are endlessly fascinating.