Friday, November 16, 2007

Crashes and Eruptions

So last weekend my dh parked my van out front for one night. I usually park in back - either in the garage or on the driveway, but he had his big truck on one side and the refuse bin for our renos on the other side. I went out in the morning to load the kids in the van for church only to find a bunch of broken glass on the ground beside my door. Someone had hit my mirror with theirs, I guess, as they drove by. I live in a quiet little cul-de-sac. Everyone knows everyone. And no one even left a note of apology or anything. I was sad, but dh was pi$$ed.
So I took my van in this morning to have a new windshield put in as well as the mirror replaced. I never realized how much I use my mirrors til now!
They had quoted us a price on the mirror and told us they would have it in for today. When I arrived, the very charming glass guy tells me that the manufacturer no longer makes that particular mirror. So, while I have a lovely new windshield, I still don't have a driver's side mirror. And I am still only parking where I don't have to back up!
But glass guy did charm me into buying the windshield warranty that allows me to get my next windshield for only $60 instead of $200. As he pointed out, it didn't cost me extra because it was the same price as they were gonna charge me for the mirror. Hmm.

OH! My poor little girly. I was just telling her Daddy that she was kinda making me crazy the last few days. Tonight I was trying to get her ready for bed and she was completely freaking out. She wouldn't let me put on her diaper or anything. Finally I had her locked in my arms fighting her into her jammies and I happened to look down at her wide open, screaming mouth and I saw a suspicious spec of white, actually a few of them. Her 2 year molars are coming through. So I wrapped her up in my arms and asked her if her mouth hurt. 'MMMHMM,' she sobbed. So I asked her if she wanted some medicine and gave her some big cuddles and Tylenol, and then she was fine. She just needed some understanding and some mommy loves. Instead of Mommy, frustrated, 'stop it!', 'lay still' -ness.

ps. I am right on target with my word count, 26740 words to be exact. Not really ahead of the game like I would like to be. But on target! Thanks for all the support guys!


  1. So you won't get a new mirror ever? Or are they still looking? I'd be afraid of driving without it, too.

    Teething - yes, I remember it well. Poor baby. Good for mommy to catch on!


  2. No, I will get a mirror:) I forgot to tell the other part of the story where my dh called another glass company (a) and they had some in stock in their warehouse, but they wanted twice as much money. So my dh made the appointment at the place (b) I went to. Now the other place (a) only has one mirror that will fit left. And it is not the heated one.So I have to head there (a) first thing tomorrow and get them to install what they have.