Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Morning

Mmm. My back feels slightly better this morning. My mom is here and she rubbed it for me last night and I had a couple glasses of wine (Grey Monk's Latitude 50, yum!) so that let the muscles unbind a bit. My neck is still stiff and I am pretty hunched up, but the degree of pain is lessened! I have to admit to loving being taken care of by my Mommy sometimes. So wonderful.
I am sitting here in the dark, I got up and ready to go to my son's hockey game, Dh drove him and I was to bring everyone else. But no one else got up. Mom is still snoring:) The kids are all still sawing logs. Even my little Monkey Boy, who is usually up by 6. So I am just enjoying the peace and the darkness. I just put on the coffee, looking forward to that first cup where I wrap my cool hands around the warm mug and let the moist aroma wash over my face as I inhale deeply and take that first lip scalding sip.
Oh. I hear movement. My mom's boyfriend is getting up. Oh! There is my girly, singing in bed. So much for the quiet, I was hoping to get some writing in this morning. Oh well, it was heavenly while it lasted.
Off to change bottoms and make breakfast and then a day of shopping and hockey and housework. Fun! I am hoping to get a new outfit today for my son's team's silent auction tonight. I haven't shopped at all this fall! (I keep hoping to go down a size or 2, so I haven't bought new clothes. -So not happening.)
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and find a few moments of solitude and peace. We mommy's need those little sanity keeping pockets of time.
Gotta run, the coffee is done, and Girly is getting LOUD.


  1. Now I'm craving coffee too!
    I just got home from my run and Maddy's soccer game. All I have to say is brrrrrrrrrr!

    Have a wonderful time shopping. For YOU YAY! Post a couple of pics of you in your new ensemble:)

    Glad you got a few moments of quiet. I'm having that now. Off to get my coffee.

  2. You echo my coffee sentiments exactly....funny, I didn't start drinking it until I was 25, and now I love everything about it!

  3. Oh yeah, I know what you mean about Mommy taking care of you sometimes. So how's your back? The way you described the first drink of coffee was vivid! So did you make your word quota?

  4. I could feel the peace and serenity in your post ... and then when it ended. So familiar! :)

    Hope your son's hockey game went well, and that you're feeling better!


  5. Good luck finding your outfit. I'm enjoying some peace here myself and it's heavenly!