Thursday, November 01, 2007

2140! It is 2:15pm and I have surpassed my word count goal for today. 2141 words to be exact! I am so proud of my kids too, they both surpassed their word goals for today as well. We even got the main floor tidied up. Now I get to go and have my shower, mop the floors and fold laundry. Woohoo!
hmm, since when is folding laundry a reward? It is amazing how knowing that I shouldn't be doing my chores til my word count is in, has made chores seem attractive. I have way more energy for them than I ever do. Wow, this novel writing is great!
I don't imagine I will be spending a ton of time blogging or blog reading in the next month, and for that I apologize. If I don't get to your blog to comment much this month please forgive me, I will try to make it up to you in December, when I plan on taking most of the month off:)
Please keep asking me if I made my word count goals, I need the encouragement and accountability. Maybe I will send you all advance, signed copies of my novel when it gets published! haha.
Off for my reward! A long hot shower, followed by a Vanilla Bean latte when I take the kids to Taekwondo.
Oh! Don't forget to scroll down to see my kiddies in their cute halloween costumes! (If you like that sort of thing, you know the most adorable children on earth dressed up in precious costumes, that sort of thing;)

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  1. Great job! Too funny about rewarding yourself w/ chores. Maybe I should try that sometime. My laundry may actually get done and the floors washed! :)