Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend's done

Oh yeah, please excuse the extended blog renos, I am hating this setup!

I took this photo last week while we were sitting in the car waiting for Daddy. She did not want to cooperate at all, she wouldn't look at the camera and she kept touching the lens, lol. Doesn't she look sweet? I love it.
I made the layout using Jane Atwell's ( designer) Beloved kit, I absolutely love it.
We had a great weekend, watching the kids play hockey, swimming, playing lego at the Odyssium. So nice to relax with the kids and dh, just being together. We taught Sunday school for the last time for a few months. I felt a little sad, I am really starting to get attached to the kids, what a bunch of sweeties. They are 3, I love 3! I really feel sad about leaving a few that did not want to come at all, leaving their Moms and Dads kicking and screaming at the door. I have helped to bring some of them around, I scoop 'em up and sit them on my knee for a while (or just let them be, the boys seem to want that and the girls want to sit on my knee-funny) and eventually they start to branch out, play, chat, let go of my hand, lol. I love that, some of my own kids have been quite reluctant to leave my side to go with someone else, but because of caregivers who have taken an interest in them they have all come around. Yay!
So last night my Dad came to town on his way up north to work, he hasn't come for a few months so it is so great to see him! We decided to bbq some steaks for dinner, some beautiful t-bones we got with our side of beef this fall. Of course it is dark out at 6:30, and we were chatting and my poor dh totally burned the steaks to a crisp. He was just sick about it, lol. poor guy. So he ran out and picked up some hamburgers that we ate with our baked potatoes and veggies. Not quite what we were looking forward to, but... what can you do?
Today dh and my Dad are going to pick me up a couple gigs of ram for this dinosaur I have been working with. I am so excited, I am sure it will make a huge difference for my scrapping! Eventually I will get a new computer, but in the meantime, this will me a nice upgrade.
And I hope that will mean that I will get a lot more layouts done!

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  1. I know you will!! lots o' layouts
    Especially with the new program!!
    Woo hoo!