Thursday, February 15, 2007 is open!

Our site is officially open!! Woohoo!!!
Come and visit,
Come have a look around, learn about digi scrapping, look at all the pics of our cute kids, lol.
Our store should open in the next day or so, we are just stocking it. Heidi and I should be up most of the night again, working on our contract and getting it out to our designers. Once we are past this week, I am hoping to start sleeping again, lol.

We had a nice Valentine's night, went for dinner-sans kids, terrific food-and I only ate half!! So proud of my portion control thing, I am getting pretty good at it. I used to think if I grazed all day it would make me even heavier. But what I have been doing is having a hard boiled egg, or a piece of fruit, or a piece of cheese, or whatever, whenever I really need to eat. I am embracing the hunger burn for a while and then having something small and nourishing and then having a small dinner. It is working great for me! I am not binging anymore(hurts too much!) and I am losing even though my activity level is pretty low and stress pretty high, trying to get our site up and running. Can't wait to work out again, I think the weight will just fall off!
Today was interesting to say the least. I awoke in the wee hours to the sound of one of my kids getting sick in the bathroom. Poor guy, I hate when they are sick, and there is nothing I can do about it.
It was gorgeous out today though, kids went outside to play in the snow-JuJu was so excited!!
No one got much accomplished, although I am seeing concrete at the bottom of my laundry room floor! woohoo!
Then tonight, in that awful part of the day between end of nap and dinner, my toddlers were out in full force. Baby girl was so clingy today, she wouldn't let me out of her sight, or put her down. I think they may be a little attention starved as I have been sitting at the computer for days, working. A few stories or games of ring around the rosie, are not cutting it anymore! Poor things, lol. Today I didn't work much at all, so that is better.
The Monkey boy was in trouble all day, he poured the rest of a jug of *precious* chocolate milk into the bathroom garbage can, yuck. Then while I am trying to make dinner, he goes up to use the bathroom. Well he must have decided to try and pee standing up, but with his potty seat on the toilet, so he peed everywhere. Then he takes the tp roll to wipe up and drops the whole thing in the toilet. Then he poos all over the floor! So we get the poo where it belongs, then him into the shower, and I spray bleach cleaner on everything. Oh by the way just before this he was in the bathroom playing with toothpaste, squeezing it out with his foot on the floor, then spreading it everywhere! - anyway... I run downstairs to stir the food, making sure I closed the bathroom door, but somehow baby girl gets in there and walks through the bleach that I haven't had time to wipe up yet. soo...
Just a normal day in our house...
Hope yours was quieter.

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  1. Hi! This was so fun to read! You really need your own 'family life' column in a magazine