Thursday, February 08, 2007


As you know we have 4 kids over a wide age range, and my dh works in industry. We have a lot of laundry, a lot. Potty training, 2 toddlers, bed wetting,sports, etc., etc.,... So laundry is something I have to work at every day, probably 4 loads a day to keep caught up. Usually I am behind, so when I do it it is like 6 loads a day. So over the last couple of days I had been trying to get caught up, I probably had 10-12 loads of clean laundry on my family room couches, some waiting to be folded, others waiting to be put away. (not a smart thing, because the toddlers love to unfold it all!) My very dh decides that I must be cold last night and he is going to start a fire in the fireplace. Well, apparently it was so cold and the fire just starting, so not very hot, that the smoke would not rise up the chimney. Our family room was filling with smoke! Soon I am coughing and telling him to put the damn thing out, lol. Anyway, all my laundry, my whole house in fact, smells like a camp fire. Yuck!
Speaking of laundry, today my 3 yr old decides to have a nap in my bed. Now the last time he slept there, he peed my bed. This was a few days ago, so I had just laundered all my bedding. Today I thought I was smart and put a pad under him. I went in to wake him after a while and he was still dry!!! So I woke him and told him I was proud of him and that it was time to get up and pee. What does he do? He sits up, then lays on his tummy on top of my duvet and my quilt and proceeds to void his little bladder! Arghh!!! So add three to my daily laundry loads, sooo frustrating.
Oh well, they are terribly cute for the most part.
Well except for when my 12 year old was upset because I told him he needed to right more than one sentence in his journal today and he went and wrote a whole page rant about how mad he is and how he hates me and wishes I would die and leave him alone! Then he brings this to me to read. I can tell you, he accomplished his goal. My heart was completely shattered. I remember being so mad at my parents at that age especially, and wanting to hurt them. But I naively thought that my kids wouldn't feel that way about me, at least not yet. I know he just wanted to get a rise out of me, but talk about gut wrenching anguish. I still want to cry.
We made up and he wrote me an apology and that he wished he could turn back time. We talked about what he was feeling and why he was so angry. It was good, I guess, I just still can't believe that my sweet little boy could think such terrible things.
On a sweeter note, my baby girl was so cute today. She was climbing into a toy bin, and couldn't get out, so she started yelling, "I'n stuck, I'n stuck!" Her brothers and I were a little shocked at how clearly she can communicate. Pronouns and everything. She even used am instead of just I stuck or me stuck. Anyway, I know that I am the only one who cares how brilliant my 18month old is, lol. She really liked saying it. All afternoon she went around putting her foot in things and yelling, "I'n stuck!"


  1. Aw...
    I'm relating to it all, a bit too close to home for me! Except maybe the writing part (note to self: get boys to START a journal).
    I know how hurt you were by his words but I laughed. What a turkey. You will look back and laugh, both of you.
    And your girl is brilliant of course!
    hugs...oh and just wear the camp fire clothes. Noone but you will notice and if they do, just pretend you don't smell it lol. They'll think they've lost it!.
    love ya,

  2. I'n stuck on reading your blog! That is so cute! I love reading your daily/weekly rants...makes my life seem more normal (your not the only one with bed wetting!) lol hugs!
    5 more days?