Monday, February 19, 2007

new pets

Credits: Jeannie Papai, Maria LaFrance's Buddy Boy, the third layout is a quickpage, the others by me.

A couple of layouts I finished today. Trying to get done with the Monkey boy's birthday pictures and the one of the dogs and him are his Uncle's labs, so cute! The chocolate is Henry and my bil has done a terrific job training him, he is so sweet and gentle. The cute blondie is Abby, she is just a puppy and very spirited! The birthday ones are of his two bday cakes with Lightning McQueen, he was so excited.

The kids are so excited, Dad finally fulfilled his promise of getting a new fish tank, so they are all obsessed with getting it ready and running. Then next weekend we will pick up some fishies.
woohoo! More mess for Mommy, and more stuff for Baby girl to get into! On the plus, I do love fish and the big kids are more than big enough to care for them.

We had a nice weekend together, dh was home all weekend, after working 14 hour days, 7 days a week for a few weeks. So it was really great to all be together and get out a bit.