Wednesday, February 07, 2007

No ski trip

I am feeling a bit blue this morning. I was just on Urbanmoms and reading about 2 of the gals going to Panorama on a ski trip. We were supposed to go with 2 friends' families at the end of February, but we had to cancel the trip for various reasons. I have been pretty philosophical about it, until this morning. I want my holiday!!wahhhhhh! I want the mountain fresh air-tons of exercise and visiting! wah wah wah! I want my kids to go have fun with their friends, and ski from the time the lifts open til after they close, like last year!-k rant done
We had such an amazing time last year, even though I had 2 babies and didn't even ski. My girlfriend and I pushed our toddlers around in their Chariots, up and down, back and forth from the lodge. Hung out at the bottom of the hill, saying hi to the big guys as they skied in and out. Just all being together-It was a blast!
Well hopefully it will work out for next year-I can't wait!


  1. awe that does sound like a blast. I too just moved close to the mountains and totally thought I would go skiing at least once. Its just not that easy when you have a toddler.....
    Sorry your trip was cancelled

  2. Yes That is so true - nothing is easy with a toddler! LOL :)
    When are we getting our Thomas Tickets???

  3. Oh a holiday sounds great don't it...aww well, I hope you get to go away soon. Gotta take time for stuff like that, if only life had a pause button!

  4. I'm so sorry we can't go too! I was really looking forward to it.

    I was thinking though, that the kids and I will come see you cuz you can't come to see us. Love you hugely!