Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A 3 year old's Prayer

At supper tonight,
my 3yr old monkey boy says, "Dear Jesus, thank you for this you for this food, ...thank you Daddy's work, what I say now?"
Me, "Well if you are done talking to God, you can say, 'in Jesus name, Amen.'
3yr old, "No, I not done."
Me, "You can ask God to keep Daddy safe as he drives home from work."
3 yr old, "Thank you, bring Daddy home work. Jesus name, amen."
Me, "Great job sweetie."
3 yr old, "I pray Mommy, 'cause you teach me how!"

My heart was so full, I felt all teary. I got to teach my little boy to talk to God, and he was so happy to. I always tell my kids that they can talk to God any time, he is always with them. They don't have to use fancy words, just tell him what is in their hearts-God wants to be their friend, their perfect parent-how awesome is that! When I was a child and a teenager, I always had a running conversation with God in my head. I had a tendency towards shyness and fearfulness, so it was so comforting knowing He was always with me. I really need to get back in that habit, seems I have filled my mind with to many 'to do' lists to make room for His constant presence in my heart. He is always faithful, but I, sadly, am not.
Thank you God for this day with my children, and the reminder of where my heart and mind should be.
see, I am, we are, always, morphin', changing-becoming the woman/people God wants us to be. I am so not there yet.


  1. Ah Kris, thanks for the reminder.
    You are a great mom!
    Happy day after Valentines Day to you:)

  2. Kristen I totally teared up reading this...precious Jude....awww. I just thought of an idea for you to scrap that into permanent memory. Maybe take a photo of him in the hands together praying mode - alter it so there is no background - just him and then journal the story beside it...awww i can picture it now.
    Such a very special story..luv you Kris!

  3. This reminds me of Anna, she is always reminding us all that God is always with us. When she has a nightmare, you know how you pray w/them that they will not be scared anymore?, well the way she says amen at the end of the prayer, I know that she totaly and utterly believes. It helps me to see the true faith of a child. When Aa had a nightmare, the next day, she goes to him, "you don't need to be scared because Jesus and God are always 'pretecting' you, right mom?" I always just agree, but every now and then, she makes me stop and think. I thank God for both of my kids, but especially for her unwaivering faith.