Tuesday, February 06, 2007

ahh... sleep

Well I finally got some sleep last night... I have been up late working on stuff for the site every night, and then laying awake thinking when I finally do go to bed. So last night, I shut down around midnight and actually managed to get like 7 hours!! I feel like a million bucks today! So I think I will actually post this entry, rather than starting one and then not being able to think long enough to finish it, lol.
I got over my scrap block too, I made 3 layouts for our best friends challenge today, so far...
When I saw the challenge I knew exactly what I wanted to scrap.
We met these friends back when we lived in Calgary, and we both had 2 kids, the youngest of whom were both around 1. We connected right away and our friendship has grown over the years. Through the births of 5 more kids, the mourning of one of them-our stillborn baby girl Kalila. I couldn't have asked for a better friend at that time, she cried with me-the only thing you can do at a time like that.
Two of those children are only 3 weeks apart-let me tell you, we were quite a site dragging our brood around town, both preggo out to 'there', in our velour track suits, lol. (shh... don't tell anyone I wore one of those-it was hideous, but the only comfy thing in my drawer at 8+months!)
She has helped to guide me into my homeschooling journey-as she jumped right in, and I had to put my kids through a few years of school before making my decision. Now we can support one another and whine together when things are hard, encourage and uplift each other when we need it, and commiserate on our messy houses, and the kids latest achievements.
All our kids adore each other, they still consider each other their best friends, even though we haven't lived in the same city for almost 3 years. Even our hubby's get along, it is so nice to have friends that share our values and Faith. Who have a similar family dynamic as we do, with kids ranging from 18 months to 12 years old. And who share a similar family centered lifestyle, homeschooling included.
We just registered our oldest boys for camp this summer, I have been meaning to do that for the last 3 summers, but I kept leaving it too late. They will be so excited to go together, and we will hang out at the lake with the rest of the kids, just enjoying each other's company!
Anyway, I decided to scrap our family trip to their new home on the coast, all the fun times we had together.-been meaning to get to that for a while anyway! Of course there are no photos of the mommies-we always seem to be behind the camera.
Here is one of our little girls. credits are The Gift, an Oscraps Collaboration.


  1. Awwww I just love this story! Has she seen this? Make sure to send her a link to your blog and scrap pages on our site! :) hugs!

  2. Okay so that one made me cry! We love you guys too AND your friendship means the world to me.

    I love those pages and the girls were delighted to see Arabella lol. They want to send her Valentines cards now!
    Love ya