Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hate to lose

Here are a couple of my recent layouts.

This layout is of our girly girl. She saw this doll in Costco and totally went nuts for it! She starts bouncing up and down, reaching out her hands yelling, "Doll, doll, baby, baby!'"
Needless to say it went straight into the bottom of the cart, to be given Christmas morn. She got tons of dolly stuff and just loves to take care of them and drag this one around-the doll is just about as big as our girl!
credits: Miss Mint's Candy Fairway

This is my oldest and his dad, they were wrestling around and Dad knew the best way to 'get' him was to give him a big wet smacker!
Credits: Aidan by the Retrodiva
stamps by Autumn Leaves

The power went out last night, so I couldn't work on the site. My dh was tickled pink! He lit a fire and we crawled into bed early, so nice. I didn't realize how tired I had become til I woke up this morning and had no desire to get up. Give my egg back to the hen, I am not going to get up today!
Thank God for friends, especially those who love God too. I had the nicest visit with one of mine yesterday. After walking for a half hour in the -20degrees C, snowy weather, pushing my toddlers in the Chariot! brrr... but well worth it. She even invited us to stay for some chili and drove us home after, how sweet. It is so uplifting to spend some time with her, chatting about our lives, homeschooling struggles and triumphs, marriage, life... and sometimes just relaxing with a competitive game of scrabble. Finally someone to play scrabble with! My dh quit playing with me years ago, he is way too competitive to continually lose to me, lol. But my friend is way better than me, she knows all the little tricks, the ins and outs, all the 2 letter words. Man I better practice up, I hate to lose.


  1. Awe I would soo play with you. My DH wont play with me either and so I have not played in years :(
    Cute LO's!

  2. Ya, go a head and use the "Sweet and Simple" mini kit. As long as you credit me I don't mind her sharing it with you. Enjoy!

  3. you could totally beat me! I am a terrible speller.
    I find at some games I don't lose well either.
    Don't tell but I had a mini tantrum while playing LIFE. EMBARRASSING!
    LOVE ya too,