Monday, February 05, 2007

need to scrap

So busy on the site, haven't had the head space to scrap at all. Thought I better write down some of the stuff I want to scrap, so I don't forget. k, scrap 1.bella ballerina-Bella watched Angelina Ballerina with her daddy the other day, and ever since she stands up with her hands above her head, turning around and around saying, " 'rina, 'rina," how cute is that! So I want to scrap that in her pink ballerina dress her auntie bought her.
2.she also comes up and grabs us by the hand yelling at us, "round, round, down, down!" She wants to play ring around the rosie. She just squeals and laughs and falls down before you get once around yelling, "down!" Then she wants you to help her up, she will be lazy if you let her, she is always yelling, "up!" when she wants to get on the couch, or up stairs, or up from the ground, anyway.... I took some pics of my toddlers and my niece playing 'round, round' the other day when my sis was visiting, so I think I will use those.
3.Potty trained! Monkey boy decided to use the potty full time the day of his b-day party. He always seemed to be inspired when he had a friend to play who was trained, like VJ. Well she was at the party and they used the toilet together and that was it. He wanted to use the potty like a big boy, now he wants to use it like a 'stand up' boy. We didn't know what he was saying at first, maybe urinal boy??? we knew he meant to stand and pee like his brothers but were not sure of the words, then we figured it out-and had a good laugh.
4. finish christmas and the monkey's bday, move on the the big boys bdays, and backwards from there
so much to scrap-I know I had more ideas, but can't remember now
oh yeah, Heidi wanted to scrap the caterpillar song, so I have to send her the lyrics and some pics....

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  1. Yes I just HAVE to scrap that for you!!! Adorable!!!! Hurry up !! lol