Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wednesday Ramblings

Teaching your own children can really have its ups and downs. I am sure that many moms of school age children have experienced the, 'My teacher knows everything and you know nothing' phase of early elementary. I will never forget the day that my eldest brought home a spelling list in grade three and one of the words was spelled incorrectly. As we were going through the list and came upon the word, I pointed it out to my son and wrote down the correct spelling for him to study. He started to freak out on me and cry. How dare I say that his teacher could be wrong.
I was so taken aback! I tried to calmly explain to him that everyone makes mistakes, even his teacher. I told him that we would talk to Mrs. K. and let her know of the error so that all of the children would not study the wrong spelling. I showed him in the dictionary the correct spelling. None of this helped, he was just furious with me that I had the audacity to question his teacher.
When I spoke to his teacher the next day, we both had a good chuckle about it, and she happily fixed the mistake.
My kids still get upset when I have to tell them that they are wrong, or that something they have read or seen is wrong. My son just asked me for some help with adding mixed numbers and fractions. When I started to go through it with him he began freaking out, throwing a hissy fit because I wrote out all the steps and he thought he should skip the first one. Even though in the example they showed writing out that first step. Even though in the question above he had done it the exact way I had shown him. Even though when we went through the question aloud we had done that step. The reason he was so upset is because they only left 3 spaces to write out the steps and when we wrote them all out we had 4. Therefore Mom must be wrong and he should throw a complete fit.
I can not begin to tell you how angry I felt at that moment, I wanted to slap his face to make him stop screeching. I don't like feeling that way, I scared myself. I guess I know a bit about how he feels being questioned.
Anyway, we made up and now he is just quietly resentful...

Last night was a big hockey night for our boys. Both had hockey games and they both won. Considering the poor records teams have racked up lately, this was terrific! My eldest had numerous opportunities to score, but kept fanning on the puck-he and his Dad were both a little frustrated at that!
My 10 year old had an incredible night though, 2 goals! He normally plays defense and the scoring opportunities are few and far between. Last night he was asked to play forward and he got the game winning goal. Very excited little boy. He kept getting out of his bed to tell me how excited he was.

My girly did not have such a great time at hockey. We took the eldest to his game and waited there for Daddy to show up from the other boy's game so that I could take the little ones home to bed. My little Monkey boy decided to carry his big brother's hockey stick into the arena. Just as we got to the doors, he swung it around and hit his sis in the eye. Look at the bruise!


When Daddy finally showed up around 8:30 we found out what kept him. An elderly couple was driving in front of him and the light turned orange as they were in the crosswalk. They slammed on their brakes and stopped almost in the intersection. So Brent slammed on his brakes and started to steer into the turning lane to avoid them, but his huge truck started sliding and he ended up clipping their rear quarter with his right front corner.
He was so upset, worried about them, worried about our boy who was in the truck. Of course his truck just has a scratch, but their car needs a new bumper. Thankfully no one was hurt at all and the couple is being easy to work with so far. But so much for almost 20 years of accident free driving. Poor Brent.

Edited to add:
Oh, I finally added some photos over at Immortality Art!

I forgot to mention that last week Brent was on the receiving end of a similar accident. Someone slid into him at a red light. And with similar results, his truck barely had a scratch, but the woman who hit him totalled her bumper. Then today he was with his brother in his (brother's) brand new car and his brother was in a small accident. I don't know the details yet, but... What is going on? The roads are horrid, but really! I think I want my husband to just stay home for a few days. With me, safe. I wish I didn't have to go out today, but I have no more diapers and taekwondo awaits. Say a little prayer for us, will ya?


  1. Oh dear, look at that bruise. Poor baby. I'm sure her big brother felt terrible.

    And poor daddy, too. Accidents really can happen at the blink of an eye. Hope everything works out OK there.

    I do know your frustrations with school work so, so well. And the anger it can cause in the parent. I wish I could tell you that I am always cool, calm and collected - but sadly I fail time and again. Especially when the kids just will not listen to my explanations, because they are certain their teacher told them to do it some other way (and I am quite confident they've either misunderstood or plain not paid attention in the first place). Ack!

    I am still jumping for joy over your pregnant self, though. Woo-hoo! :)


  2. Poor baby! That looks so painful!

    Glad the boys had good games. my nephews play hockey and they love it!

  3. It can be very frustrating teaching your own kids - I AGREE!

    Congrags on your boys' hockey games - great. Your poor little sweetie with the bruise on her eye - poor baby. She is so cute!

    I'm glad your husband and no one else was hurt in these accidents! Take care - Kellan

  4. I'm glad Brent is okay and quick thinking, Imagine if he hadn't tried to maneuver out of the way?!

    I know EXACTLY how you felt about the math. ARGGGGGGG! Anyway, it will be better tomorrow or the next day or when they're 30! lol.

    love ya

  5. Funny how bad things happen in clusters, isn't it? But it sounds like you guys have had your due, and it should be smooth sailing now.


  6. Prayer said for you, my friend! Thankfully no one was hurt. But poor baby girl. I ached when I saw her little eyelid. :(

  7. Poor, sweet little girl. She didn't look too upset in the picture. Let me just say, that even as an adult, I would be fussing over something like that for hours!
    I think that's great that your son got the chance to play offense and was able to score. Maybe he'll get the chance more often now.

  8. wow...I think someone was watching out for Brent for sure. Glad he is safe.
    rough day hope all is calm now.

  9. Poor little girl. That had to hurt.
    A few years ago Josh went to a pro hockey game. During the game the puck came flying into the stands and hit Josh right in the forehead.
    When they got home and told me the story I didn't believe them because it was just such a cliche thing to happen. But it was true and he proudly displays the puck in his room

  10. You described the whole "you're not as important as my teacher, or the book or whatever" perfectly. I HATE this attitude too! Quietly resentful. Yeah.
    You wanted to slap his face? But at least you didn't. You just feel like we all feel sometimes. Those little blood-of-my-blood can make their loving parents so mad sometimes.
    On another note, I'm really hormonal today. I sat there and cried during my kids' read aloud time...heck, I cried for no reason most of the morning. And the kids were getting on my last nerve. I should have paid attention to my attitude and just got away into my own room after school, but no, I sat with my laptop right in the living room. And what was the result. I screamed at my children. They were fighting over a chair and I lost it. I yelled, "You fight over such stupid things!" then I grabbed the chair and carried it into my room so no one could have it. I really, really wanted to slam the door too, for good measure, (it's a good release) but I hate it when they do that, so I managed not to. Kristen, it's one of those days. I'm so not proud of myself.

  11. As a teacher I can say with 100% certainty--we make LOTS of mistakes. I'm glad you both laughed it off! Hopefully, since you approach the situation calmly -- he'll model your excellent behavior!

    Oooh...ouch. Poor baby! A little shiner.

    Thankfully no one was hurt in the little fender bender . . .

    Man . . . what an adventure you've been having!

  12. I completely understand about the homework problems... My eldest is the same and will argue forEVER about the spelling of a word, or the answer to a problem. He is getting a teeeensy bit easier this year, but it's still touchy when I am helping him with his homework.

    I look forward to it every day.... :)

  13. More than anything, it's the thought of embarrassment that he's probably concerned with. In his head, if you talk to the teacher about a mistake she made, it will blow up into some big event and he will end up at the center of it (i.e. the other kids will all think he's responsible for it--whatever IT is). That's just how their minds work.