Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Perfectly Crazy Day

I don't think I have updated on Girly's potty learning adventure. It is a gooder! By day 4 she had no accidents, she was going pee and poo on the potty, she was dry for nap and overnight! Since then she hasn't been dry at night again, but she is doing great with everything else. Even yesterday when we drove all the way to the airport (40+ min. with no traffic) she stayed dry.

The airport was quite the adventure. My 2 middle children were at a birthday party yesterday and they had not arrived home when it was time for me to leave for the airport. My oldest was home and he is 13, he can technically watch his siblings for an hour or two while I am out. But I totally did not want to leave him home with his brothers and sisters while I went all the way to the airport and back. I was so hoping the other kids would get home so that I could take them all with me.
Just as I was about to pull out of my alley, my girlfriend showed up with my kids. I said a little prayer of thanksgiving and prepared to load them all into the van.
Then my sweet, sweet friend offered to take the 3 boys back to her house to play! What a blessing for me.
So Girly and I went off to the airport to get one of her favourite people in the whole world, her Papa. He comes and stays at our house twice a month on his way to and from work in the far north.
She, thankfully, fell asleep on the way there, after belting out Sum 41's In Too Deep. Apparently one of her older brother's ( my little rocker) had it on repeat the other day and my 2 year old girly has memorized all the lyrics. So when it came on the radio she could totally sing along. She also could sing the last word in every line of the My Chemical Romance song that came on next. What ever happened to Raffi and Barney???
When we got to the airport at 3:15pm and I managed to park, I went straight to the arrivals board to see if Dad's plane had landed. Nope. It was going to be delayed til 5:40pm! Yikes! I was just so thankful that my girlfriend had my other children so I didn't have to worry about them. Girly and I found plenty of things to do at the airport. They had a little kids play yard right by the arrivals gate and she made some new little friends. Then we went to Tim Horton's to have some hot chocolate and timbits. It was a perfect day for my Girly and I. Lots of time without her brothers pushing her around, lot of time to chat and be girly with mommy. I just adore our one on one time, we have the best conversations. I especially love the part where she looks me in the eye with the most adoring eyes and puts her hand to my cheek. Ooh I just melt!
Anyway, our perfect day ended perfectly. We got to see Papa, he arrived 40 minutes ahead of schedule and then we got to eat Mickey D's because it was too late to cook. And when I got back and picked up the boys, my wonderful girlfriend had even fed them a healthy dinner. Thanks girl!


  1. Sounds like some lovely alone time. What a fun time!

    (I love the airport!)

  2. Sounds like a great day. when you have more than one kiddie, it is so nice and relaxing to spend time with just one.

    Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a wonderful visit.

  3. I love thinking of her singing all of the words to those songs - how adorable. And the thought of her holding your face in her hands (my kids used to all do that too)! It sounds like the most perfect day - I'm glad for you. Have a good visit with Papa. SEe you soon. Kellan

  4. Lucky you to have such a good friend!

    And way to go on the girl time. It's so important to the little ones!

  5. What a perfect mother daughter day:)

    Glad to hear all is going so well for you guys and that my toddlers aren't the only ones without much Raffi in their lives lol.

  6. What a great, great day. One of those you simply can't plan any better . . .

  7. Ohhh! NICE!!! I'm so glad you had a perfect day! And, I can never believe how many kids you have -- WOW! :) Hope you're feeling well! And, send some of that potty-training good luck over our way!!

  8. some great one on one time.