Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Snergelly Snoz

So my family is having some fun at my expense. I was trying to do some spelling with the kids, but I can't really speak coherently. As my eldest pointed out, I sound like I have smallish bees in my nose like the Once-ler of Lorax fame:
Then he grunts, "I will call you by Whisper-ma-Phone,
for the secrets I tell are for your ears alone."

Down slupps the Whisper-ma-Phone to your ear
and the Once-ler's whispers are not very clear,
since they have to come down
through a snergelly hose,
and he sounds as if he had
smallish bees up his nose.
Now the three oldest men in my house are holding their noses and talking trash to me. Nice.

So last night after my eldest son's team owned their opponents 12-3, my son's coach talked to my husband. He said that he didn't know if he should say anything, but he was in complete shock. He told my husband that my son had sworn in the dressing room. He said, 'sh!t'. Now this was so out of character for my sensitive, kind, sportsmanlike, encouraging his teammates, 'set-apart' son, that his coach and teammates could not believe it. The Boy told us that the other boys laughed and said that it must be the first time the Boy had ever sworn.
I think my boy was a bit embarrassed by the attention. I also think he learned a lesson. People are watching and paying attention to him. He sets himself apart from his peers. He has a deep abiding love for his God that permeates his character. It shows in all his interactions with others. His teammates and friends expect him to act a certain way and they respect him for it. So when he does something out of character people notice that too. He now knows that he needs to be aware of what comes out of his mouth and how he comports himself as a child of God.
What a great reminder for all of us. What image am I portraying to those around me? Does my character stand my faith in good stead? I am especially concerned with my deportment in my home. Am I someone I want my children to emulate? Our children are most likely to become like their parents, so it is pretty darn important that we are examples of what we would like them to be. Our actions speak far louder than words.
We all had a good conversation and a few laughs over this incident, my poor boy was so embarrassed that I knew, that his father brought it up in front of me. It did give me a great opening to share a story from his much younger days though.
It was thanksgiving dinner the year he was in grade 2. His dad was away in Michigan working and I had invited my cousin and her hubby and their friend for dinner. We were sitting there eating our turkey and my sweet little boy piped up. "Mom, what does f*u*k*c spell?" I could tell from the look on his not so innocent face that he knew he was saying something 'bad' and shocking. All of us grown-ups looked at each other and burst out laughing in shock. To be honest, we were laughing just as hard at the fact that my super smart kid had spelled the swear word incorrectly as that my sweet, innocent child was asking about a swear word.
I tried to calmly explain what the word was and that it was a nasty, filthy word. I asked him where he had seen that word. He told me that it was written on the fence boards on a path near school. Darn that graffiti!
I think my eldest children have been feeling a bit neglected lately, I have not been really on my game since I got pregnant. I deal with the littles because they absolutely need me to feed them and dress them and and wipe their bums. I have left the older two to do a lot on their own. And it seems to be affecting them negatively. Tonight was a nice opportunity to reconnect with them and laugh together.
Even if it was at the expense of me and my stuffy nose.


  1. "Our children are most likely to become like their parents, so it is pretty darn important that we are examples of what we would like them to be." AMEN. I try to remember that every day. Such a difficult road.

    Hope you are feeling well--being all pregnant and stuff :) How are the kids adapting???

  2. So strange...I just wrote a post about Benjamin's 'words'. How odd is that???

    I think you handled the situation fantastically well. Good for you!

    Hope you feel better soon.


  3. Sounds like you are doing a great job Kristen - your son sounds like he's going to be a fine man one day.

  4. WOW Kristen, what a great reminder for us all. And you handled it so well even being sick and all. I'll have to remember your grace when it happens to me. Hope you feel better soon, HUGS!

  5. It is good now that he learns that people do pay attention to him. That his actions do matter.

    I struggle some days too, wondering about the example I am or feeling guilty for an action I took.

    I pray every morning for God to grant me the wisdom to raise His children that He placed in my care.

  6. I think you showed so much grace toward your son in this situation. I really commend you for that. I am also impressed that your son seems to have such a firm grip on his faith and what that means in his life. How have you nurtured that in him? I really feel as though we are faltering in that area in our older son. Maybe it is just his age- but I worry about his spiritual growth.

    I'm glad you had a chance to connect and laugh. Both of which are very good things. :)

  7. i have a feeling he won't be saying that word again.

    it was a lesson for him, y'know?

    and lessons are valuable things.

  8. Sounds like you handled it well. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  9. You always handle these things so well. I love that you look long term on this stuff.

    My first thought was to ask Mr. M where in the world B heard that word ;-) of course I'd think of a joke first - Not good!

  10. What a great story, Kristen. Sounds like you have a great son there.

  11. I just have to pipe in and say that you all are giving me waaay too much credit. I am almost positive that he heard the word from me. Aaaannd, his Dad is the one who led the conversation. I think if it had just been my I would have been upset and not handled it nearly as well as Brent does. He is great at that stuff.

  12. I personally can't resist using that S word from time to time - it is the one word that sooooo gets the feeling across. Your son sounds like such a good boy - all your kids do. I'm glad you had some time with the older ones - some fun time.

    Take care - Kellan

  13. Sigh. You're doing such a great job with your kids Kristen....maybe my kids could become like you? I'm such a terrible role-model some days....

  14. Good thing you can blame the graffiti. In my house, the only graffiti comes from my mouth.

    Feel better soon!

  15. My kids are a great influence on me to watch what I say, so it was a shock when my oldest (when he was two) kept saying what I thought was the f-bomb. Turns out he was trying to say fork, but it kept coming out as fock. Same with percy the train....it sounded like percy's naughty cousin. I thought we were going to need some serious speech therapy, but luckily it all worked itself out. :)