Thursday, February 21, 2008

Leap day

Ever get your days mixed up?
All day yesterday I was looking forward to my friend coming to visit in 2 days. Then for some reason, last night, I realized that it was a short week so she was actually coming the next day. Today.
'So that is okay, I can deal with that. I will tidy up tonight and throw some brownies in the oven in the morning', I thought to myself. Lot's of time to get ready and it is one less day to wait for my visit! This is a very sweet friend who I haven't seen in 2 years.
Well, somebody wanted to have a little fun with the Mighty Mama. On my way out the door yesterday to get my son to his martial arts class (that we were late already for) I slipped on the ice and hurt my ankle. Hurt it enough that I wanted to shout obscenities every time I put weight on it, but not bad enough to visit the doctor.
Needless to say, I got very little done in the house yesterday evening. When I woke up this morning I was a little stressed. My ankle was still hurting and I wanted to get the vacuuming etc. done and my house somewhat presentable. (As good as it gets with plywood floors, half painted rooms and demo-ed walls) My dh stuck around for an hour or so this morning to help out. Well he made the kids do the things I had asked of him (he is a great foreman!) and I did all the stuff I needed to do. I was a little annoyed by the whole thing, but thankful for the help.
After I washed the kitchen floor, I got the brownies in the oven and went to get ready. I came down and fed the kids lunch, tidied up from that and set out the brownies and tea things. Ahh... all done. I was feeling a bit sleepy by now so I went up to lie across my bed til I heard the doorbell ring. (across the bed because there was no real room to lie with all the decorative pillows in place. I LOVE pillows!)
About a half hour after I expected my friend, I started to limp around the house, picking stuff up. Then my dh called and we had a bit of a disagreement and I had a little cry. Now I was stressed cuz I had crying face. ugh. I washed my face and then I opened up my laptop to check the email my girlfriend had sent, to make sure I had the time right. It was now an hour and a half after I expected her.
Well wouldn't you know it. I had the day wrong! She is coming tomorrow. Just what I had originally thought.
Now the only problem is, how do I keep my 4 kids from destroying the house and eating all the brownies before tomorrow. It is an impossible feat. Oh well. My girlfriend is coming to visit with me, not check my house for dust bunnies!


  1. Oh My Goodness! I hate when that happens. My mom did this recently with her airline flight and had to scramble to find a flight the next day because she missed her flight the day she realized. Hope you ankle gets better - have fun with your friend. Brownies and tea sound good - see ya - Kellan

  2. Well, that gives your ankle another day to heal and you more time to rest. And forget the house. She's coming to see YOU! Enjoy your day with her. Good friends are few and far between.

  3. I DO THE SAME THING ALL THE TIME. I swear, before I had Alex, I had a brain somewhere in my head, but it seems to have disappeared.

  4. argh! I do this all the time too!

    My advice, get B to take them out and eat the brownies, then make more lol.

    Oh and I'm sorry about the ankle!

    I wish I was the friend coming over!

  5. I stayed home today to help with the delivery of some furniture (plus the roads are bad and Miss Sniz is sick). Anyway, our oldest was convinced it was Saturday. But since he didn't end up having school and his friends were also off--I guess it IS Saturday for him.

  6. I always hide sweets in the microwave!

  7. I'd have to worry more about ME eating the brownies!

  8. I get mommy-brain too. Its no wonder with all the stuff we keep track of up there. Have a good visit

  9. And a wonderful visit it was (worth the wait) hee hee! True friends don't care what your house looks like :) and the brownies were awesome (even the crumbs hee hee). Thanks for the WONDERFUL afternoon!!