Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cheesy thoughts for a snowy Tuesday

It has been snowing here all day long. All the shoveling Superboy did last night was in vain, he is really gonna earn his 10 bucks this week! I love the look of the beautiful flakes falling down, but it is overcast today and I am getting tired of winter. I need to be outside in the sun, soaking up the healing rays on my skin. Getting exercise and fresh air. I am so over snow and cold. I do not think we have had this much snow here in years. It is gonna be a long, messy spring.

I guess I spoke too soon about the potty learning thing. Today, 2 accidents and one was a number 2. I knew there would be setbacks though, so no big deal. I actually think it was the princess panty thing. Today she didn't have princess panties, we had talked about not getting her princesses wet, so maybe I should have remembered to mention that hearts didn't want to get wet either?

So this pregnancy is affecting me in weird ways. Firstly I am getting really and truly fat. I have literally put on 10 pounds of belly fat. What the heck? I am freaking out! Of course the couple of weeks I spent mostly in bed sick didn't help. And neither is the fact that the only way I am staving off the pukey feeling is by eating. Small amounts, but often. And I can not go to bed on an empty tummy. There have been many nights that I have been lying awake in bed at 11 or 12 and have had to have an ounce or 2 of cheese to calm my tummy. That could possibly be contributing to the fat. I am sad about the belly fat, I really would love to be one of those adorable, all belly, preggo moms that can wear bikinis and stuff. I guess since this is my sixth pregnancy that is not gonna happen. Especially if I keep eating cheese in bed.
The thing that is bugging me the most is that while I am scrolling through my friend's blogs (or any other site) I am getting nauseous. I guess the movement on the computer screen is giving me motion sickness. Sucks! Oh! know what almost sucks more? My vb lattes. I can't handle coffee anymore, killer headaches. Actually almost anything gives me a headache now, especially the teeth clenching at night. Those headaches can not be touched by tylenol, they pretty much make me useless for a day. ugh. Anyway, instead of my yummy vb lattes, I think I will have to switch to london fogs. Yummy too. (London Fogs or Vanilla tea misto is Earl grey tea with steamed milk and vanilla syrup. I can handle the little bit of caffeine in a tea, but not in a coffee or cola )
mmm, we are watching a movie and they have real mac and cheese. I want!

I have been cooking this week, a major thing lately. We have been eating rotisserie chickens from the grocery store a couple times a week, mixed in with pancakes, pasta and some take out. I have so not felt like cooking and keep leaving it til the last minute, and then we are forced to make do with whatever. Tonight I made steak fajitas, which were yummy but kept making me gag. Last night I came home after dropping off son #1 at tkd and I threw some potatoes and chicken parmesan in the oven. Yay me, I planned ahead! And my hubby was so happy because I haven't made chicken parmesan (my light version, I don't bread the chicken) in about 10 years. Oh and the night before I made my 'light' chicken fettuccine (made with milk, chicken stock and olive oil instead of butter and cream, oh and whole grain pasta!), it is so flippin' delish, but I forgot to make it cajun like I usually do. Didn't even miss it.

I really have to get down to business with the declutter tomorrow, my sis and her family arrive on Friday and they are gonna stay in the Boy's room. His room is about 1/3 of the way through the purge. In other words, a huge flippin' mess! I have been trying to get the family room re-decluttered while working on the nursery and my room at the same time. My room is done, just needs to be dusted and prettied and kept tidy. Girly keeps taking apart all my work in the nursery. Her and Monkey boy take all of their clothes out almost daily. She to make a mess and he to change clothes 10 times a day. I am determined to finish in there tomorrow and make it harder for her to mess it up. k, gotta game plan, hopefully I can execute.


  1. Ooohhh...not preg but not feeling the whole cooking thing either--we have been eating those rotisserie chickens as well and breakfast for dinner and so on.

    And who the heck actually wears bikinis when they are pregnant--OK, those skinny pregnant people. I hate those people. Then they pop out a babe and are back in shape (with the help of costly celebrity trainer) in 24 hours. Ugh.

    I do hope you feel better--tummy and head . . .

  2. I was never (NEVER) a pretty prego - I was the "ugly prego" mascot! I always wanted to have that glow and be so cute when I was pregnant, but gained 92lbs with my twins, 86lbs with my son and 52lbs with Alexis. I was HUGE and not pretty. I love hearing about your pregnancy and hope the sickness settles down for you. Take care and stay warm - Kellan

  3. Being pregnant is such a love/hate thing. Wonderful miracle but blugggh physically.
    At least cheese is good calcium so dont be too hard on yourself.
    Spring will be here soon and you can get some fresh air and exercise. I know I am anxiously awaiting warmer days.

  4. I was a sick pregnant lady too...and fat. My MIL kept saying to me, "oh, I never felt better than when I was pregnant...and I only gained one stone (14lbs) with each one..." You can add that to the list of times I've had to restrain myself from slapping her!

  5. Don't worry about the fat, do what you need to do to not feel sick.
    Kudos on the cooking, sounds delicious. Parmesan chicken, I need to make that!

  6. I've been the fat pregnant lady (but not in real non-pregnant life) with both of my kidlets. It doesn't seem to matter to my body if I'm barfing my brains out or stuffing my face, my body is sure that I am starving and must conserve every calorie on my butt cheeks.

  7. Girl, I am sooo sorry about th headaches. That so totally stinks. And no coffee? I couldn't survive. BTW, what are London Fogs?

    I totally feel you about the clutter AND the belly fat. I gain 15 pounds every winter! Without fail!! What's that about? I tell myself I won't do it this year and I still do. Somehow I always manage to lose it in the spring, but that can't always happen! What am I going to do when one year I can't lose it? All my summer clothes are in the smaller size (my summer clothes are size 8, and my winter ones are size 10-12). I WON'T buy new ones! I don't even have the excuse of being pregnant. I bet you're such the cute pregnant woman. Yeah, you won't look like you did the first time you were pregnant, but my sis-in-law was one that you were talking about and wore a tiny bikini 7 months pregnant and it looked WEIRD! And for some reason, reading about your house and meal struggles made me feel better. Although I have those struggles and I'm not sick, only have 3 kids, and am not pregnant. Still.

  8. I'm sure if I asked your husband, he'd say that you look BEAUTIFUL!

    Yeah for all your cooking...think I might be dropping by for dinner soon. It all sounds amazing.

    Heidi :)

  9. I hope that you're able to start feeling better so you can enjoy the pregnancy! Hate that you're getting nauseous and having headaches.

  10. Oh hon, I feel you're pain but you know how insanely huge I get when preggo. I only ever got to wear the preggo bikini when I was 22 and preggo with #1. Never again lol.

    I wish I could come and help you. I'm so tired and overwhelmed and not even preggo.

    Bless you. Big hugs to you and the little blessing you're carrying!

  11. I was a all day long sickness prego and eating helped...I feel for you.

    Hang in there...

  12. My hubby thinks ALL pregnant women are sexy. I hope the headaches go away. It rough when you can't take anything that really helps.

    Hope you're having a wonderful valentine's day!

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  14. hey, Happy Valentine's Day girl!
    Hopefully it's full of tons of chocolate...yum!

  15. I just ate WAY too much homemade lasagna. I'm feeling pretty yucky about it and I'm not even pregnant!

  16. I hope the nausea subsides real soon. I was the same...had to eat small bits all the time. And the migraines were AWFUL! I would be in bed for days unable to function, so I totally feel your pain. That's really what keeps me from having another baby...getting through the first four months of nausea and migraines. Feel better soon.