Monday, February 25, 2008

I won! I won! I won!

I did, I won a blog contest!
My friend Ali at RN mom was hosting a contest to win a children's book. All you had to do was share 3 of your favourite kids books and then she drew 2 names to receive a book. I have to go to her blog and choose my favourite from her Amazon side bar. I am so excited! I think I may go for the Dinosaur Sandra Boyton book, my little monkey boy is really into dinos right now and you can never go wrong with Boyton.
Thanks so much Ali!


  1. Oh! Congrats! I love winning stuff. I've been really lucky in the blog world--I've won an autographed book and an Amazon GC. I'm thinking of passing on the love and hosting a contest of my own. Just trying to think of the PERFECT prize!

  2. so is the dino book your pick or are you still mulling it over? let me know!