Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What a Day!!!

It has been an amazing day!
I went for my road test to get my driver's license this morning. I PASSED!!! I have been learning to drive off and on (mostly off) for almost 16 years, but I had allowed fear and inconvenience to prevent me from actually getting my license. I am so excited that I finally overcame my fear and did it! I feel so free and unburdened. I spent the whole day driving around, trying out my wings. Went for coffee by myself, went window shopping, got lost and found. I am so proud of myself and I can't wait to scale the next hurdle, overcome the next fear.
My 2 oldest boys had a great day too, they got their first tip towards their first stripe in Tae Kwon Do! And because of that they got to pick up their uniforms too! They are completely psyched and absolutely can't wait for each next lesson-so great to see the excitement on their faces.
One other excitement in our household, DH found a good contract today, we are so thankful that God is blessing our family with the ability to be financially healthy as well. Having our own business can be scary at times especially when things are lean, but we just have to remember to rest in God to provide for us. He always does.
I think I am gonna go for another drive!


  1. o kristen!! how wonderful for your family!!!! and what a day!! congrats on taking that big step and facing your fears! what a feat!! but now you're road bound eh?..sheesh! just think of all the trouble you can get into now that youre mobile, lol!!

  2. Ya!! Congrats to you!! I still have to get my learners but you sure have inspired me!!!

  3. Hey! Congrats on you driving test, that's awesome!

    And Tae Kwon Do is just so much fun! I took TKD while I lived in Korea, and I loved it! I made it as far as my red belt! :)

  4. congrats on your driving test!

  5. you didnt blog on your bday, lol!!
    but HAPPY BDAY KRISTEN!!! super big hugs!!!! may your hubby give you the day off, lol!